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Here we are back at another Monday! Today is one of those days I am walking like a penguin, using as little muscles as I can. Usually, my own strength training is broken up into legs, arms and abs. I prefer to have just one body part sore at one time. However, that is not the case today as I took 3 group fitness classes yesterday which worked every muscle in my body!

I started my Sunday morning teaching cycle class at my all women’s gym! I love the energy of the women in the classes I teach. No matter how tired I am, they make so happy to be there every weekend. After class, I headed out to Los Angeles for the Bootcamp & BodyWorks + Abs Training/ Certification.

Bootcamp & Body Works CertificationYesterday was the first step to being able to teach these classes at my gym. Some instructors may be teaching these formats already because they have their group fitness certifications. The training classes are meant for them as well as others who want to add these formats to their list of classes. I am in the first category in regards to Bootcamp since i am already teaching but in the second when it comes to BodyWorks + Abs.

First up was BodyWorks + Abs. The training started with the teaching portion which included the breakdown of class format, instructor guidelines and exercise instruction. The student in me was so happy with this portion as I love to learn. As my next step in regards to fitness training is getting certified as a personal trainer, I was excited to learn more about proper form and alignment. BodyWorks excites me because it is still high intensity to match my intense personality but the main goal is to do higher reps with lower weights. After the teaching portion came a BodyWorks class for the instructors. It was a very fun hour of doing a different class structure (hey I am counting it as trying a new class) and getting to experience another instructor. Plus, having 50+ fitness instructors from So Cal in one room together makes for an energetic and loud class! I finished the class drenched in sweat and very excited for the chance to add BodyWorks to my class schedule.

However, this certification takes more than just learning and taking a class. Many of the exercises are ones that I use in Bootcamp which makes it seem less intimidating. The intimidating part is that I must now learn/memorize the warm-ups and modules for BodyWorks. This is a very new concept to me since Bootcamp & Cycle are open to interpretation. Memorizing a flow of workouts is a new challenge but I am up for it. Once I learn the structure, I have to demonstrate my knowledge and ability to our regional director. If she approves my one hour class demonstration, I will get be able to teach BodyWorks + Abs.

After the BodyWorks training/certification came the easier (for me) certification which is Bootcamp. Since I already am a certified teacher for Bootcamp, I was simply getting the version for LA Fitness. I would not need to demonstrate my ability again, just simply take the class. Since I knew this, I felt like the pressure was off which made it easier to enjoy the training. The format was the same starting with the learning portion followed by the class format. The Bootcamp focuses on HIIT by hosting different stations to target the entire body. There is a heavy cardio involved and heavier weights are encouraged. Our class format for instructors had 6 stations with tricep dips, line touches, push ups or abs, bicep curls, walking lunges and step-ups. After each station, we completed a cardio round with jump rope, jumping jacks, sprints and football shuffle. Needless to say I finished drenched in sweat! I was excited to get some new ideas for Bootcamp though to start incorporating.

We will see how my schedule shapes up for classes and adding BodyWorks but I am excited to have the chance in the future. I think taking these classes whether to improve your craft or add a certification is beneficial to being a better group fitness instructor.

Tell me: If you could get a certification for any class what would it be? 

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    • Hi! I would definitely check with your local gym as each district offers them at different times throughout the year. If you work with a gym already, they will usually cover the cost for you. if not, the cost is usually a few hundred. As for English I believe the majority of them are taught in English. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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  4. Hi thanks for sharing. I will be taking Bootcamp training thru FITA by la fitness. Is there anything i need to do before i can even start training at la fitness like cpr, etc. any advice on how i can get better with my training. thank you.

    • Hi Janet, Welcome! I HIGHLY recommend starting your CPR/AED as soon as you can. All gyms I have worked at require you to have it before you start working. The bootcamp training is really great at providing everything you need to know to set up the class. I would highly recommend practice. Practice really does make perfect with teaching! Any further questions, feel free to message me! Good luck!!

  5. Hi Samantha, i just want to share my FITA training update. So i got call from aerobics coordinator and she wants me to teach bodyworks plus abs at la fitness near my house which is closed for remodeling PV la fitness. but once they open she will put me on the schedule. i have not done bodyworks training but she sent me the video to practice and i have been practicing day and night. she said that she likes my forms and i can do this it. but im scared lol. i been taking bodyworks classes from different instructors and noticed that every one has a their own unique style and its ok to forget the next step 1234 next step… lol my question to you do you have to provide your own headset and music. i know the pay is the the greatest i didnt bother to ask but i figure its stepping stone for me, since i have no certification. Also what do you recommend as for group fitness certification that i can take online, i have full time job and full time mom. I really enjoy working out and grateful that i can share and help others especially older ladies like me lol. Thank you so much love your blog. i added you an IG janetplanetfit.

    • Hi Janet! Congrats on the job! You will do great.. confidence is key!

      They will provide headset, microphone and even music for you but bring batteries, they are always missing! It is definitely a great stepping stone. I HIGHLY recommend the ACE group fitness certification. It is one of the top certification programs in fitness. Please feel free to email me anytime! I would love to help in any way I can ( Good luck!

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