Lots of Cycle and Food

I spent a much larger portion of my weekend on the bike than usual! Between my normal classes and a 4 hour certification, I am ready for my Bootcamp class on Tuesday where I get a break from cycle. Let’s back up a little though, starting with Friday. I came home to be told by the husband that Emma got into the trash and ate two halves of watermelon. A part of me was a proud mother that the love of watermelon runs deep. The other half knew I had to throw her in the tub and give her a bath. This pink face was after her dad has cleaned off her face.

Emma Weekend Recap


After her bath, we grabbed dinner and dessert before calling it a night in front of the TV and computer. Saturday morning started with class before I headed to my certification. I was most happy that the LA Fitness I would be taking the certification at would be next to a Whole Foods. I LOVE Whole Foods but am glad that I do not live near one as my grocery bill would easily be double what it is now. After 4 hours of being on the bike (thank goodness it was not longer as my butt was getting pretty sore), I was starving so I headed to Whole Foods. I picked up a make-your-own sandwich which is one of my favorites! I was a happy girl driving home which was needed since I sat in an hour and a half of traffic. Since the husband was gone for the night, I made the most of my time by reading, scrapbooking my New Orleans trip and doing some more behind the scenes website work.

Weekend Recap Friday night      Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap Cycle certification      Weekend Recap Whole Foods

Sunday was a relaxing and easy day. After I knocked out my workout early in the morning, I did some errands before heading home. Cleaning, more computer work and scrapbooking happened before I met the husband and his friends for lunch at Slater’s 50/50. Although I do not eat red meat, I have been very impressed with this place the few times I have been. Seriously, the burgers are HUGE and delicious since you get to design (and name) your burger. I did a turkey burger with creamy pesto, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, fried mozzarella (to die for), avocado and baby greens. Fairly healthy until I added the cheese but I could not pass it up! After sleeping off the food coma, the evening was capped off by some time by the pool (as seen on Instagram) and in front of the TV.

Slaters 50 50

Let’s talk about the way I burn all the calories I eat.. weekly workout recap! This week definitely had it’s highs and lows. The best part of my workouts was that I started Triathlon training. The worst part, one too many rest days. The week was a typical week so my workouts got a bit messed up. This coming week the focus will be keeping it at two rest days and mixing up the workouts. My plan is to try and finally get to a pure barre class!

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Recap:

Monday – Started Triathlon training – 20 minute elliptical, 10 min cycle, ab workout & 20 min swimming

Tuesday – Taught a one-hour Bootcamp class; REST

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – One-hour Cycle class

Friday – REST

Saturday – Three one-hour Cycle class

Sunday – One hour Cycle class, arm workout


I will be back tomorrow to share the cycle certification I finished yesterday comparing to the first one I completed to become an instructor.

Tell me: What would your perfect burger consist of?


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