What Do You Collect When Traveling?

Well this week definitely did not go as planned at all. Some for the good, some for the bad. Let’s just say my first pedicure in over 5 months was definitely part of the good. The bad was being left with no phone or laptop for more than a day. Anyways, I will definitely follow up with a cycle class breakdown next week.

Today, however, is Travel Thursday! As I was cleaning out my office this week, I realized all of my desk decorations were travel related- particularly globe and map related. I love having mementos from places that I travel to that I can look at to remind me of my travel experiences. I know fellow travelers who collect something specific from each place they visit- mugs, shot glasses, currency, sand from beaches, etc. As my domestic and international travel has increased over the years there are three items I collect when traveling:

1) Maps – I love and collect anything and everything map related. Family and friends know they can get me a globe or map for the perfect gift. Maps fascinate me and I love seeing the whole world in one picture. My love for maps is the reason I make sure to get some type of map whenever I visit a new city. I have some free maps that include bus and subway routes while others are basic tourist maps I pay way too much money for. Either way I love having an extensive collection that continues to grow. One day I will be artistic and put them to good use.

2) Postcards – Another very easy and cheap item to collect. My goal is to keep at least one postcard from each city on rings so guests can flip through the places I have been. Essentially the postcards can act as a coffee table book to share my travels with friends and family.

3) Book – This one is for the husband and I to collect together. We plan to collect one book from each place we visit to add to a bookshelf. Within this year alone we should have a decent book collection we will only hope continues to grow. It will be so nice to one day show our kids the books from all the places we have visited around the world.

Collecting items from your trips helps to remind you of the wonderful experiences you have had. The mementos you collect will bring positive thoughts of where you picked up the mementos, who you traveled with and/or how you got the item.

Tell me: What do you collect when traveling?

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