Friday Favorites #11

This is not like any other Friday but this Friday kicks off a 5 day weekend. I think the last time I had that was 3 years ago when I took Christmas break off. Needless to say, I am thrilled. The husband took the day off as well so we will be spending the day enjoying the nice weather at the beach and in front of the pool tomorrow. Things have been a little all over the place this week which is due to my first Friday Favorite so lets jump right into it!

Friday Favorites

1) My new job – Within 2 weeks I got a new job, quit my old job, got a new laptop, got a new phone and had my last day at work. Following up from my last Friday Favorites, I am thrilled because I will be working with my best friend at my new job. I don’t think it could get better. My new job is .8 miles from my place and is a very exciting next step. Of course, leaving my old job was not easy. My old job was my first job out of college, I met my husband there, worked with one of my besties and enjoyed the job for the past 3 years. Hence why it was very sad when after I submitted my 2 weeks, I was advised they would be letting me go after 2 days. I made sure to take the typical last day picture with my box of junk. I am making the best of it and living up my time off.


2) MacBook Air – I posted on Instagram this week that I got a new MacBook Air. Although there is a slight learning curve coming from a PC, I really like the laptop so far. It is SO light and thin. I have only had it for 2 days but am really enjoying it so far. In my head as long as I can still write posts, check emails and read blogs, I am happy. The Macbook Air has some great additions I have played around with but I like that the features are the ones I am used to from my iPhone. Plus the fact that my iPhone and iPad are all linked is awesome.


3) King’s Fish House – One of my very favorite restaurants that might have been visited twice within 3 days but hey it is delicious. Last night I had salmon, grilled zucchini and northwest vegetables. If I could just have this meal every night, I would be happy.

IMG_7547 copy 2

4) Map Shadowboxes – After I posted yesterday about What I Collect From Travel, I read this post which is now exactly what I want to do with my maps. Perfect timing. They have some other great ideas as well for things to do with items you save from travel.

5) A pedicure – After 5 months of not getting a pedicure I finally enjoyed some time to have my feet massaged and painted which was wonderful. I don’t care so much about the paint but I love the foot and leg massages they give especially after a week of cycling!

That is all for today folks! I am headed off to get some sun and reading done. Only one more day left in July to hit those goals. Have a wonderful weekend. As always, linking up with Katie & Heather!

Tell me: What was one of your favorites from the week? Plans for the weekend?

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