Friday Favorites #12

As I only worked 3 days this week, it completely flew by! I am settling into my new job very nicely (a huge thanks to my best friend) but still happy it is the weekend. This weekend should be a fairly low key one which I am definitely in need of to catch up on some blog stuff and house work. I haven’t taught since Tuesday night so the break from teaching has made me excited for my Cycle classes. However, to kick off the weekend, it is time for the usual Friday Favorites. Linking up with Heather and Katie.

1. This week I got a sweet surprise from my husband in the form of a birthday month present. This french bulldog stapler has been on my want list for awhile and was the perfect new job present.

2. I have two food obsessions the past week- cereal and ice cream. I cannot get enough. Usually i have a hard time getting through a gallon of skim milk and end up letting a lot go to waste. This week, we went through a gallon of milk and a gallon of ice cream in two days. I just cannot get enough of either. There has been plenty of dinners involving cereal this week.

3. The husband and I finally got to an Orangetheory class this week! Although I was bummed the HR monitor system did not work, I loved the intense workout. We are going back on Saturday to try the class with the HR monitor so I will be sure to have a recap next week.


4. When I purchased my MacBook Air last week, they were running a promotion for a free set of Beats Solo 2. However, since they were out of them I had to pick them up this week. I am not one for headphones but I am THRILLED about bringing these bad boys on our next few flights. You cannot hear anything besides the music.

5. My newest Scentsy warmer- the Parlor Warmer with Edison bulb. It looks awesome with the lights off!

Tell me: What are your plans for the weekend? What is your favorite cereal? 

Have a great weekend! See you back on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #12

  1. I love Peanut Butter Cheerios :) I struggle to get through a gallon of milk too, but luckily the shelf life of almond milk and cashew milk is a little bit longer! My college roommate would absolutely love that French Bulldog stapler! I wonder if she has it! And I’m so glad you liked Orangetheory. There are a ton of studios around here (I’m in DC)! My friend tried it recently and I’m almost afraid to go because I’ll probably get hooked…

    • Can you believe I haven’t tried those yet! I have only had regular cheerios. Now I will have to try them. I liked it a lot.. which sucked when they advised the per class rate :( Definitely wish I hadn’t liked it so much haha.

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