Orangetheory Recap

I mentioned on Friday that my husband and I went to our first Orangetheory Fitness workout last week. I had heard so many wonderful things about the Orangetheory workout but had the same question everyone did:

What is Orangtheory Fitness?

The goal of Orangetheory Fitness is to finish a workout that will produce EPOC – Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Each workout is aimed to focus on Endurance, Strength or Power. A coach will guide you through a one hour workout while monitoring your 5-zone interval training sessions called the “Orange 60.” The end goal of the workout is to maximum HR to 84% or higher of your Max HR pushing you into the top 2 zones. The workout is planned to keep you in these intervals for 12-20 minutes of the workout where you should produce the “afterburn” for 24 to 36 hours after your workout. Our coach advised that you can burn up to 1000 calories in one class.

What does the workout consist of?

Unfortunately during our first workout, the HR monitor was down due to a bad internet connection. Although we were not able to track our HR, I still pushed myself because I was motivated by the coach who really helped to lay out our next move after every step. The first workout was an intense, exciting workout. We started by warming up on the rowing machines. Since I do not row very often, my arms definitely felt it the next day. After a rowing warm-up, we completed strength training workouts including squats, bent rows, mountain climbers and ab exercises.


On Saturday, we returned back to the same Orangetheory, this time to use with the HR monitor. I was excited to try the class again since we knew what to expect. Having the HR monitor made a huge difference when working out. Even though the coach was very motivating, the fact that we could see how many calories we were burning and percent of HR we were using made it even easier to push even harder. We started on the treadmill where we alternated between remaining in our base pace for 2-3 minutes then moved to our “all out” for 60-90 seconds. We would get a minute recovery before we started the round again. After 30 minutes on the treadmill, we moved to the rowing machine where we warmed up before moving onto the strength portion which consisted of 4 sets of two exercises before going back to the rowing machines. We completed three different strength rounds consisting of chest flys, tricep extensions, arnold palmer presses, bicep curls, pull-ups and jump squats on the TRX ropes. Needless to say I was very sore the next day from the arm workouts. I left drenched in sweat and exhausted, proud knowing how much I pushed myself. By the time I got home, I received an email with my information including calorie burn and average HR from the class. I loved getting to see my final results, which would also be a great way to compare your results from workout to workout.

Final Thoughts?

I will definitely go back to another Orangetheory Fitness class however due to the high cost (the local gym offered classes for $30 or a membership for unlimited at $179), the workout will just need to be a supplement class to my current workout plan. Orangetheory is a great workout that keeps your muscles guessing and prevents boredom from kicking in when working out. Above all else, it is worth giving a try. The high intensity class would be great for an athlete as well as someone just getting into working out or looking to lose weight. Since every exercise is able to be catered to your level, it is a great option for everyone to try.

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Tell me: Would you try Orangetheory Fitness? Have you tried the workout before?

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