Thinking Out Loud: Flight Stories 

It’s another Thursday which means Thinking Out Loud and Travel Thursday! As always linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. So let’s get right to it with talking about flying. Years ago I wouldn’t travel because I hated flying. However, as my wanderlust grew each day, I knew I would have to get over my fear of flying. While my first few flights were rough, I have gotten better with each flight.  During our last flight to New York, I was fine besides a little elevation drop during our landing. I have high hopes for our flight to Portland tomorrow.

Over lunch today, co-workers were talking about flying and particularly stories of bad flight experiences. Luckily I have not witnessed any emergency stops or mechanical issues (don’t know if my nerves could handle that) but I’ve had plenty of elevation drops, turbulence and bad seat companions. However, my worst experience was a huge part of my own doing.

When my mom and I visited my grandparents in Kentucky we had a 6am flight. Since the airport was an hour away we needed to leave their place at 3am. We had stayed up past 11pm every night that week so our (hindsight stupid) idea was to stay up through 3am. We would drive to the airport, be on the plane by 6am where we would fall asleep. I wish that was how it went. We stayed up (which I will never regret though because we had a blast hearing stories from my grandparents) and the minute we sat down I had a bad feeling. I had a panic attack on the plane. Let’s just say plenty of crying and hyperventilating ensued the second the plane took off. My mom and I both got sick for the balance of the flight and sharing one bathroom with the entire plane was torture. By the time we landed in Chicago for our layover, we practically kissed the ground the second we walked off. I think the combination of not sleeping and the stress of flying just resulted in the worst flight of our lives. Years later, we always bring up that horrible flight and know that only we will ever know how bad it really was.

I’m realizing now that today was probably not the best day to reminisce with coworkers on our worst flying experiences when I’ll be on a plane in a little more than 24 hours. JK, thankfully my fear has definitely decreased. Regardless, all experiences good and bad make traveling about the story telling you do when you aren’t traveling.

Tell me: Do you like flying? Do you have any horror stories? 

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