Friday Favorites From My 26th Year

Whoooo hoooo my favorite day is here- Friday!!! It is a special Friday too in that today is the last day of being 26. It has been quite a year that I have mixed feelings about turning 27. So today I want to share my favorites from my past year as I say goodbye to 26 and hello to 27. As always, linking up with Heather and Katie for Friday Favorites.

  • I started my 26th year in London and ended my first day in Paris. Both were dreams come true. The trip finished in Rome and I left wanting more. That trip was one of the best moments of my life.  
  • I ran my first half marathon and then another and another and one more for good measure. Needless to say this was the year for the half marathon. I really grew to love the half marathon.  
  • We went on a bit of a vacation spree after Europe. The hubby and I visited Pismo Beach, Las Vegas and Mammoth. In between I went on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana with my best friends. 
  • Then we went one of the most important trips of my life – New York City! We enjoyed our layover in Seattle before heading to the Big Apple. Another dream of mine was met & I loved every moment of our trip.  
  • I started a new teaching at an all women’s gym which reminded me how much I love teaching group exercise.
  • I started this blog which has gone beyond my highest expectations (thanks to you my reader). Here’s my first post.
  • I ran my first Ragnar. Words cannot describe the experience but it was extremely memorable.  
  • I moved into with the hubby. It has been so nice to build our first home together (and Emma loves having her dad in the same place now).
  • We celebrated our dating anniversary and a ton of delicious food in Palm Springs.
  • I took a trip to Pismo Beach with my sister and her family. Pismo Beach has become one of my favorite spots.
  • Emma has continued to be the light in my life.

26 was filled with lots of travel, food, love and fitness! Of course, it was not all fun and good times. There were some really tough and trying times but I appreciate the bad because it makes me appreciate the good and what I have in my life. A special thank you to my wonderful partner in life, Emma, my best friends (yes Kevin you are included in this even if you don’t read my blog), my family and my supportive readers! Thanks for making 26 the best yet! Here’s to another eventful year.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am counting the hours until we land in Portland tonight. See you back Monday for a recap.

Tell me: What are your favorites from the week?  

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