Stitch Fix #4 Review

I was so excited for this Stitch Fix because it was the last one before my trip to Miami in almost 2 weeks! My fabulous stylist Meg was back and although deep down I knew this fix would have a very hard time competing with the last one, I knew Meg would still pick items right up my alley. Wondering what Stitch Fix is? Check out my first Stitch Fix for information.

Let’s go through my 4th fix review as I need my reader’s help because I am undecided on one of the items and need help deciding to keep or return. Here are the items I received:

EVERLY   Isolde Dress    $68.00   UNDECIDED

Ahhhh I am so torn. On one hand I have a romper with a similar pattern, on the other it is a much different style. I love the halter top. I do not own a dress that has a halter top yet the shift dress feels like a tent on me. However, when paired with a belt and wedges, I could see it being the perfect dress to go out in for Miami. So tell me please, should I keep it or return it?


PIXLEY   Hillway Button Front Tank   $44.00   KEEP

I am glad Meg has picked up on the fact that I have loved almost every Pixley piece that has come my way. This one is adorable, great fit and a very versatile piece (heck it looked cute with my workout capris). I can see myself finishing off the summer with this tank, shorts and sandals then transitioning into winter with a sweater and jeans.

LOVEAPPELLA   Oliander Open Cardigan   $58.00    RETURN 

Eh not much to say here other than I was underwhelmed with this cardigan. I definitely wear more cardigans as fall comes along. This one however was just blah. A nice fit but just kind of hung there.

DANIEL RAINN   Manzee Crochet Detail Top    $68.00    KEEP 

This top was definitely my favorite this fix. I loved the crochet top as it is something I have seen a lot of in stores so I pinned a few tops with crochet detail. The color was one I don’t usually go for but I am happy Meg threw it in to try. The detail on the back is just beautiful. Definite keeper.


PIXLEY    Deana Floral Dress   $58.00   RETURN

I had high hopes for this Pixley dress. I wanted this dress to work because the colors and style were a tad different than the millions (ok more like tens of) dresses I have in my closet. However, when I pulled it out of the box, I felt that it was boxy and wide. It looked better on because you could use the drawstring to make it tighter around the waist. Regardless, it still was too baggy and ill fitting so it is going back.

Although I have only decided to keep 2 (maybe 3 items) from this fix, I was overall very pleased with this box. I feel like having Meg as my consistent stylist is really helping to ensure the boxes are more specific to my style each time. I am already looking forward to the next one!

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Help me decide: Should I keep the dress that I am undecided on? 

Note: I have no affiliation with the company listed above nor was reimbursed or compensated for my opinions. The service is simply one that I like and want to share my experience with. However, if you are interested in trying their service, they do offer a referral program which rewards a $25 credit for any referrals received. Click here to sign up with Stitch Fix today! Thank you in advance.

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