Multnomah Falls (Part 3 of Portland Recap)

When I last left you in my part 2 of my Portland recap, we had hiked to Multnomah Falls and witnessed the beautiful bridge I had been dying to see. You can walk straight up to see the breathtaking waterfall and bridge. The husband and I both mentioned that we did not know if the waterfall would be able to compete with Tunnel Falls. However, we both agreed it was just as magnificent in person. We walked the mile trek to the bridge to take pictures in front of the waterfall and be able to look out across the Columbia George River.


When we got to the bridge, we decided to hike a few miles to view the top of the waterfall. The hike was extremely steep. There were a few times I questioned if the hike was worth it but towards the top a few people hiking down told us it would be worth it. Boy were they right- it was definitely worth every step. Witnessing the start of the powerful waterfall was unbelievable. At the top of the falls, we were able to enjoy the view from a small patio overlooking the top of the water.

Sadly, not a single picture I took can do justice to the beauty of this scene in nature. I tried all different types of lighting and angles from top to bottom. It is truly a sight you have to see for yourself.

IMG_8396     FullSizeRender 22

After our hike we drove to the Waterfront Park where we enjoyed the street fair which we found very unique. The fair had food trucks and vendors selling items that you would not normally see. We were able to see the infamous Old Town Portland sign and enjoy a local downtown weekend. The park also holds the Battleship Oregon Memorial which was very honorable.


Before we headed to the airport, we enjoyed a country dinner at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen. We headed to the airport with full bellies and completely missed our exit. We kept driving to take a U-turn when we saw the sign that said we were leaving Oregon. Less than a minute later, we saw the next sign that read we were entering Washington. Although stressed about missing our flight, we joked that we would tell people we visited 2 states in our weekend trip.



Of course, we made it home and left Portland grateful for another wonderful trip.  Fully enjoyed the nature that Oregon has to offer. I would return to the state for the hikes alone. We were only able to touch on a small portion of the city but we were able to get a lot down in just the weekend we were there. 

Tell me: Would you visit Portland? Have you ever almost missed a flight?

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