When It’s Time To Take A Step Back

I started teaching group fitness classes a year ago. My enthusiasm for fitness and teaching landed me 4 permanent classes and 2 subs a week. I loved every minute of it. Luckily my analyst job at the time had slowed down. Therefore, I could come in late when I taught 5:45am classes and leave early when I had a 4pm class. A few months in, I was working a 9 hour desk job and teaching every Monday through Friday. I would take the weekends off to relax and rejuvenate before starting all over again at 5:45am on Monday mornings. After a 2 week subbing job in December, I was offered a permanent position at an all women’s gym for a week night class, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Although I was worried about feeling overwhelmed, I was so excited to be a teacher at a gym I was waiting for. I revised my schedule and kept my teaching at 5 days a week.

Unfortunately, I have realized over the past few months that not only has my schedule changed but so has my drive for teaching. I have been spread too thin after the past few weeks that I feel like I am failing in many parts of my life. Of course my first priorities are always to be the best wife and mom to Emma. My new job has different hours which makes it much harder to take off for early evening classes. I have realized that I must face a problem that not only I have struggled with over the past few years but many people do- Learning to take a step back when needed.

When it is Time to Take a Step Back

Although it can be hard, learning to take a step back at times is valuable. We have become a society where the most common response to “How are you?” is “Good but busy.” We fill our free time with too many commitments and find our days being booked from morning until night. Sure, there are days you will run from 5am to 11pm with work, workouts, family commitments, etc. but we owe it to ourselves to take a step back. At times, we it may be taking an hour for a massage. Other times might require cutting one of the commitments that is becoming too much to handle. Whatever it may be, we owe it to our health to learn to take the step back when necessary.

I am completely guilty of having a hard time saying no which is why I am taking a step back. I will still be teaching 3 days a week because reducing by 2 days is a huge help to focus on my own workouts, training and personal life. They have been severely lacking over the past few months. My goal for reducing my classes is to be able to focus on my triathlon training (one month) and attend more classes regularly (particularly yoga and new classes).

Tell me: Do you find it hard to give yourself a break when you need it? How do you know when it is time for a break? 

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