Workout Wednesday Playlist 

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a new playlist despite creating spin playlists at least 3x a week. I rarely use an old playlist in classes since most of my cycle students only go to cycle. I couldn’t get away with using the same playlists for more than a couple of weeks. Plus keeping it fresh helps me to push harder as well which in turn pushes my students.

Favorite Songs of the Month

You can always tell my favorite song of the week because it makes it onto every playlist for a few weeks. I feel bad for any of students how hate the song I am obsessed with at the time. This past month I’ve had a few songs I’m obsessed with that keep popping up on my Spotify list and workout playlists:

Cheyenne” by Jason Derulo (I love pretty much anything he does)

What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber (Don’t hate.. I am a Bieliber and think his latest songs have been great!)

Girls Chase Boys” by Ingrid Michaelson (it’s just so catchy)

Wind It Up” by Gwen Stefan (a definite throwback but it’s perfect for spin-  climbing and jumps)



Running Playlist

Last night I had a brick workout : run and swim on the training plan. As I warmed up on the elliptical I threw together a playlist with some of my high bass, fast pace songs for a 5K run. It was a great mix and helped me to push hard through my run.

Running Playlist

I really love Spotify for both personal workout playlists and class playlists because their playlists are great for stumbling across songs I have forgotten about. I compile 95% of my playlists on the app and create my own before working out. In addition, I have found the playlists they have for workouts to be pretty diverse. I have also used their running app which picks up your running pace and creates a playlist with BPM’s to match your step.

Have a wonderful workout Wednesday, catch you tomorrow for Travel Thursday.

Tell me: what is your favorite song to work out to right now? 

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