Friday Favorites: Workout Clothes

Happy Friday! It has been a few days since I have checked in. It has just been one of those weeks where each day just flew by and before I knew it we were at Friday. A highlight of my week was receiving a package from Fabletics with some new workout clothes! My workout closet has become equally as important as my regular closet. In fact, I wear workout clothes more than I wear regular clothes. Luckily, there has been an increase in companies that offer adorable, affordable workout clothes. For today’s Friday Favorites, I am sharing where a huge portion of my paycheck goes, also known as, my favorite workout clothes.

Friday Favorites

Fabletics: I adore Fabletics. Their pricing is competitive if you are VIP member. You have 5 days to opt out for the month but every month you receive personal picks from $49-69. Your first outfit when you sign up is $25. Even the full cost outfits are worth it for a sports bra, pants and top. My most recent favorite Fabletics purchase is the Vienna outfit! The lace detail on the capris has given me compliments each and every time I wear them. They have even added a line for men.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.39.55 PM

Old Navy: Old Navy’s active collection has gotten better with each season. They have some of my absolute favorite tank tops and my favorite pair of capris as well.  Most of their tank tops fit long torsos and their sizing options are better than most companies. In addition, they constantly offer sales and coupon codes making them one of the most cost effective options for workout clothes.

Target: Of course Target is on the list, they sell everything! Their active line C9 by Champion is my favorite line. I have so many items from their collection, some dating back a few years. The cost makes them very attractive, especially with some killer sales they offer through the year (i.e. buy one get one 50%). The quality is amazing and sturdy, especially for the price. The line keeps up with workout trends and colors which makes my recent love of patterns easier to find. I am lusting after these yoga pants that might just fall into my cart this weekend during grocery shopping!

Lululemon: While Lululemon is definitely not the most cost effective, they offer trendy and long lasting products. I have shared my Lululemon love before on the blog but their site is one I window shop on a weekly basis. They sell more unique items when it comes to design and patterns that they are the perfect complement to my workout wardrobe.

Lululemon Friday Favorites #15

A few other brands I have in my closet include:

Lorna Jane– I love their workout slogan tanks and their women empowerment philosophy
Forever 21– Although the quality is not always the best, they do have very a fashionable and growing active line
Athleta– They also offer high quality workout clothes and very frequent sales

Tell me: What is your favorite workout clothing brand? Do you have more workout clothes or street clothes in your closet?

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