Friday Favorites #20

It seems it was another week where things just didn’t go as planned. Although the blog posts I hoped would get posted didn’t, I worked out 4x in a row and I got to still sleep by my bedtime so it wasn’t a total loss. I have been so excited for this weekend because we are going wine tasting with friends! As a huge lover of white wine / wannabe red wine lover, I have been dying to go wine tasting. The weather will be beautiful and a perfect day following a rough 2 weeks. Let’s get down to it with some of my favorites from the week. Linking up with the wonderful hosts of Friday Favorites- Heather & Katie.

Friday Favorites

  •  Posted this on Instagram because it couldn’t be better.
  • Need I say more?

  • Spotify has been getting me through work, classes and workouts. I have listened to playlists ranging from Disney to Acoustic Covers to Wedding music during the work week. The pre-made workout playlists have been perfect for my own personal workouts this week.
  • Running Mistakes I’ve Made (so you dont have to) – Running in a Skirt
  • California FINALLY getting a bit of a cool down. We were in the high 90’s for weeks. Seeing 80’s and even 70’s is perfection! It has even been cool enough at night for a light jacket and night running! Capture
  • Speaking of night running, the husband and I went on a 5K run late at night and the weather was just pure perfection. All I needed was shorts, tshirt and good company. I love running and am excited to be getting back into it as we get into fall. Plus I have high hopes to enjoy a nice beach run in Thailand if time permits.

Tell me: What are your favorites from this week? How do you usually listen to music for your workouts?

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