Temecula Wine Tasting Weekend

As I mentioned on Friday, I was thrilled to finally get to go wine tasting this weekend. I have been dying to go wine tasting for 2 years since I had my first glass. Over the years, my love of wine has gone from the sweetest wines to actually liking a red or two. Recently , I started to be exposed to more types I enjoyed. In fact, I thought I did not like red wine until I went to New Orleans. In Louisiana, the guy traveling with us was very particular about red wine which resulted in me trying red wine for the first time and actually liking it. Since my NOLA trip, I have been dying to get to a winery to try new wines with an expert’s guidance. Luckily, we live less than an hour from a large amount of well known wineries in Southern California.


On our wine tasting tour, we visited 5 different wineries that all had pros and cons. We went wine tasting with two of our dear friends as well as a friend visiting from Mexico with his girlfriend. We had such a wonderful day, sipping wine and enjoying great company.

Wilson Creek Winery 

Our first stop was Wilson Creek, which might have been my overall favorite. The wine was delicious, the grounds beautiful and the atmosphere charming. Their almond sparkling wine (formerly almond champagne) was the best one I tried at the winery. Their grounds were peaceful, even without the creek running (the dang CA drought).


Wiens Winery 

Wiens was recommended by our friend for their delicious red wines (shout out to John!) and he was absolutely right. Wiens had the best red wine I tasted out of all four wineries. Although their grounds & tasting room are a little smaller, the tasting include more for less money with a souvenir cup. In addition, your tastings could include trying the reserve wines as well.

Maurice Car’rie Winery

I have two words for you. Wine. Slushies. I was hesitant but pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. We enjoyed our slushies with their famous sourdough bread baked with brie cheese and garlic butter sauce. Even as a person who does not like garlic, it was to die. I would return for the bread alone. We sat on their patio, eating the bread and drinking which was a great break in the day.

Miramonte Winery

Miramonte was our last stop as a group. Their food and views were the reason I wanted to visit. The wine was good but the service and lack of seating made it one of my least favorites. I did not do a tasting but enjoyed a few glasses of white wine with a delicious cheese blend of asiago, parmesan, ricotta and pesto. The landscape was enjoyable but again lacking for non wine club members so non-peak visiting hours would be best when visiting!

Mount Palomar Winery 

The husband and I visited Mount Palomar as we waited until it was time for our dinner plans. The most underwhelming, the wines were mediocre but the views were enjoyable. Overlooking the vineyards as the sun set, enjoying a glass of wine was a perfect cap to our wine tasting day!

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Overall, my first wine tasting trip was a success. All five wineries were a great start to my first trip which has sparked my desire to do another tasting in Temecula as well as visit Northern California soon (hint hint). Napa Valley has always been a place I wanted to visit but this weekend reaffirmed how much I want to go. If you live in So Cal or are visiting, I would highly recommend wine tasting. There are many more highly enjoyable wineries that boast particular wines and beautiful landscapes.


Tell me: Do you like red or white wine best? 

I want to wish a very happy birthday to my one and only older sister. My concert buddy, my buddy to get into shenanigans and the mom to my favorite niece and nephew.. I wish you a very happy birthday Robyn! 

Also, a happy birthday to my bestie Natalie- a huge supporter of every crazy idea I have in life, fellow wine & Scandal lover and most importantly a reliable friend! I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Enjoy San Fran! 


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