Stitch Fix #6 Review

This was one of the first Stitch Fix boxes I was not into very much. Although I really liked the dresses that were included, they just did not fit or make me feel like I had to add them to my wardrobe. I need to make  better recommendations for my next Stitch Fix because I do not want any other jeans in my box. I cannot stress enough how being specific in your style profile and requests make all the difference when getting a box of 5 items you love compared to 5 items of which you have to figure out one is worth buying to use your $20 credit on. In this fix, I did however enjoy the fall colors that were included in the box because I asked for richer colors on my last fix. I hope to get similar colors in my next box because I really enjoyed the deep jewel tones.

Stitch Fix #6 Review

PAPERMOON – Garsee Embellished Neckline Blouse / $48.00

For some reason I only got a picture of the neckline and no other picture! Yet the picture says it all about the top. The embellished neckline would be perfect for the holidays if the top was not so boxy. This was the first item of Stitch Fix that I absolutely hated!! When I saw the top I knew I would not be buying it. The flared arms and body were not my style, even though I loved the plum color.


BRIXON IVY – Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse / $68.00

This was the only item I saw the moment I pulled out of the box and knew I would be keeping it. I have already worn it to work with jeans and it is just adorable on! The bright pink color and lace design were the perfect addition to my closet.

MAVI – Ruxin Boyfriend Jean  / $98.00

The fit was not the greatest and I do not need anymore jeans right now. The last few pairs of jeans I have received from Stitch Fix have been made of soft denim but are usually too big. A larger fit would be good during the winter when I usually add on a few pounds (usually 5 pounds of pumpkin pie alone) but for now they are just too much for jeans I do not need.

Maxi Ruvin Boyfriend Jeans Stitch Fix

MARKET & SPRUCE – Janette Dress / $68.00

Unfortunately this dress did not work because the back is a see through lace which would require a backless bra. Although the fit was great, the lace made it hard to keep it as it would not work at work or always require a cardigan to cover my bra showing.


EVERLY – Sherm Dress / $58.00         

The biggest letdown was this dress. I loved the emerald green and the unique top of the dress. However, the top would not lay flat and stood up at the wrong spots. A dress that results in the husband saying “that looks weird,” is not one I want to keep.

Everly Sherm Dress Stitch Fix


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Wondering what it is? Stitch Fix is a service that is tailored to your style & clothing preference. I always sum it up as a way to try on new clothes in the privacy of your own home. After you sign up you fill out a style profile with sizing and preferences of style, color and price. You pay $20 for a styling fee which includes a delivered box with 5 hand-picked items for you. However, if you keep at least one of the items in the box, the fee will be applied to the item. If you keep nothing you lose the $20 styling fee (I have received 14 boxes and have only once lost my $20 fee). Once you have tried everything on, you send back what you do not want in their prepaid envelope within 3 days. I have always loved at least one item in my box. Stitch Fix offers one time fixes or monthly services as well.

Note: I have no affiliation with the company listed above nor was reimbursed or compensated for my opinions. The service is simply one that I like and want to share my experience with. However, if you are interested in trying their service, they do offer a referral program which rewards a $25 credit for any referrals received. Click here to sign up with Stitch Fix today! Good luck!


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