When You Know, You Know

If you are not into the mushy, lovey dovey type stuff I will excuse you from this post and see you tomorrow for Travel Thursday. For those still left, which means only my best friend and husband, I mentioned on Friday that I am currently planning my travel themed (was there really any other possibility?) wedding in February. I am already married but what most don’t know is that when my husband and I got married there were only 4 people in attendance. Besides the two of us, a judge and our witness saw us get married because we eloped in New York this past February. As you can probably conclude, our families and friends were not there. Of course, that is what eloping is but our reason was not for any other reason than we simply wanted to. We loved each other, wanted to get married and let’s be honest, of all places to get married, New York is pretty dang cool. Our decision was one that felt right for the both of us and of which we are still happy we did.


When You Know, You Know

A few years ago when I heard the saying “when you know, you know” I rolled my eyes. Well I definitely wish I could take those eye rolls back now. When I knew, I knew so much that I convinced my husband we should elope when we went on our trip to New York. Don’t worry I won’t get that sappy, luckily because I cannot put into words how I knew. I just did. Only my husband and I can fully understand as it is not something that is easily explainable to others. I am sure many thought we were absolutely crazy since we eloped after 9 months but we just knew it was right and meant to be. We will be sure to remind people of that at our 50th wedding anniversary. Regardless, I have never felt so at peace with a decision in my life. Every part of the day was perfection and will go down as the best day of my life. Now comes the fun part where we get to celebrate that decision with our loved ones.

Upcoming Events 

Since we did not have a wedding celebration/ reception and many people still do not know we did, we are having a wedding exactly a year from the day we eloped. Somehow that day sneaked up real quickly in between work, fitness and traveling and is now less than 4 months away. Besides the wedding in February, there are some fun wedding events coming up with the most recent being a bridal shower this weekend, hosted by my best friend. I cannot wait to post some pictures next week as I know it will be an amazing event. I mean c’mon look at these fancy invitations she created? I am a lucky girl with a very talented best friend.


So while I may post about some wedding events, it will just be some updates over the next few months. I managed to keep it under wraps for a few months so it will not be flooding the blog. However, since it is part of my life, I do want to share my life as it  is right now with my loyal readers. In addition, since it is a travel & international themed wedding I am looking forward to sharing some of the details with my fellow wanderlusters. Thank you as always for the continued support!

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