Travel Thursday: A Survey

I personally love reading blogger surveys. I think prompted questions get great answers because when you start writing it leads to additional thoughts and information. Plus, as a blogger, it is a fun way to reminisce (it is #throwbackthursday after all) about trips and past travels. I hope you play along in the comments and answer one of the questions for yourself. I would love to hear your replies.


1. What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?  First and foremost, drinking as much water as possible. Especially when on the airplane and after your flight you will appreciate drinking lots of water. I also love being active on trips whether walking instead of driving, exploring the city by running or activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

2. Do you have any irrational fears that your travels have helped you overcome? How?  Irrational, maybe not. Fears? Absolutely. The three fears that have been almost overcome with traveling? Flying, heights and claustrophobia. I have learned when I want to do something, I will fight my fear full fledged. 

My fear of flying as a whole has gotten much better. It is still not perfect but I continue to tell myself that I have to fly in order to see the world. That alone has helped my fly much better which I am really hoping carries over to our 18 hour flight to Bangkok.

My fear of claustrophobia has almost entirely gone away because I have been in small spaces where I had no other option but deal with my fears. I think I really faced my fear head on in London when we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral. I wanted to visit the top of the church but it would require a tight space with only one person fitting in the space at a time. My desire to reach the top outweighed my fear so I barreled through that space to get to the top.  

Lastly, my fear of heights has completed been overcome with my fear of flying becoming much more manageable and again, my desire to want to adventure when traveling. My fear was thrown out the window when I was determined to walk the steps up the Eiffel Tower. You can bet the views were worth it! I realized that the fear is in my head and holding me back. 

3. Do you read other travel blogs or books?

Yes travel is 1/2 of everything I read (fitness the other half). I read travel books whenever I can but travel blogs are a daily read for me. Some of my favorites include: World of Wanderlust, Travelettes, Grease and Glamour and The Tourist of Life.

4. What are your favorite tips for saving money or cutting expenses on a trip?

Credit cards that reward you for traveling and researching your trip have saved me hundreds of dollars for traveling. Check out my travel tips for more information.

5. If you had to give up your passport and get another country’s passport, what would you pick / If you couldn’t ever travel again but could pick any city to be confined to, where would you pick?   I would have to say France for the passport but to be confined to one city, Paris, France.

6. Are there any books you read as a child that inspired your travel interests? I loved this question because there was a book and movie that absolutely started my love of anything and everything Paris – Madeline!  I read the book growing up but  the movie was one of my favorites when I was in elementary school. I loved the Eiffel Tower growing up and knew one day I would see the Eiffel Tower in person.

7. What was the first trip you took as an adult?   International : Europe- London, Paris and Rome / Domestic : Orlando, Florida

8. What’s something you pack that is not absolutely essential but you like having it? A swimsuit. No matter where I go, I always bring one. You never know when you will run into a pool, ocean or river!

9. What piece of advice would you give young people who want to travel?  DO IT! It will only get harder to find the time and money. Travel as much and far as you can. 

10. How many trips do you take per year?  That definitely varies. Last year I went on one international trip and one domestic trip (and 2 local trips in CA). This year however has been one international trip and 3 domestic trips (and 3 local CA trips). My goal at a minimum would ideally be 1 international and 1 domestic a year!

Tell me: I would love to hear answers to #1, #3 and #8

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