Friday Favorites #22

Welcome to Friday – the second best day of the week! Sorry Friday, my one true love will always be Saturday. This will be a very jam packed, exciting weekend. Tomorrow morning instead of teaching cycle, I will be getting ready for my bridal shower with 25 of my closest female friends and family. I am looking forward to such a fun event with my favorites! Saturday night will include getting ready for my group fitness audition. Unfortunately, the number of classes I teach has decreased over the past few months because my gym has decreased the number of classes offered. In addition, my availability with their current schedule has limited my classes with my increased work load. Therefore, I thought it was time to start exploring my other options at other gyms. Although I have no idea what to expect, either way it is good exposure and practice. Before the weekend kicks off, I want to share some of my favorite reads from around the internet. Linking with Heather & Katie for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Kelly Ripa’s Workout Story – Huffington Post 

Kelly Ripa inspires me on many levels so I really enjoyed reading her story of how she got started. She is an example of taking the first step. Baby steps add up to large steps! You start small and like Kelly gradually build up. Remember Rome was not built in a day!

28 Most Beautiful Places in Europe – Thrillist 

Like I needed more reasons to travel to Europe but this increases my wanderlust even more. I cannot wait until we visit Greece next year! The pictures make me even more excited.

Running Thoughts During a Half Marathon – Glamour 

Every single time, I think the same thing on mile 13. That last .1 mile is always brutal which changes the second you cross that finish line!

How to Book Cheap Flights – Travelettes   

Great travel tips for booking a flight at the best time for the cheapest rate. I mean no one willingly pays full price for an airplane ticket right?

Visiting Corfu, Greece: Paleokastritsa Beach – We Took the Road Less Traveled

Read above, my excitement for Greece has actually been taking over my excitement for Thailand in less than 3 weeks. I think my husband’s excitement for Thailand has made me more excited for Greece this week so I have been majorly into reading other people’s trip recaps.

Why All Couples Should Travel Together – Blonde Abroad

Traveling creates memories that will last you a lifetime. The trips I have taken with my husband are special moments and experiences that only the two of us will understand. That creates a lasting bond for a lifetime.

Opt Outside With REI – REI

Seriously REI? You are just awesome. I wish I would be here to participate but I will continue to support REI as a company because of their continued encouragement of an active lifestyle.

20 (unspoken) Rules of Indoor Cycling– Rodale Wellness    

This list had some great pointers and tips in a class. As an instructor was #16 because I always tell students, I see when you don’t turn the resistance because your pace never changes. Don’t pretend, it’s your workout so do what you want.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back on Monday.

Tell me: What were your favorite reads from the interest this week?

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