Travel Thursday: Thankful for Travel

Being that it is the month of Thanksgiving, there is no better time to reflect on my thankfulness. Traveling is definitely one of the things I am most grateful for. I am thankful for all the things that travel has given me, exposed me to and changed within me. Let’s get to Travel Thursday with

Travel has made me thankful for…


My home – Being away from my home has made me appreciate it with each trip. I used to not like living in California very much. I always wondered why so many people were coming here when I was trying to get out. As I have seen more spots of the world, I have become very grateful to have a home to come back to. Living in California has made me realize that even my home state can be a tourist destination. There are so many exciting new areas in this state and even region I have not visited. Where you live might just be the next best trip you will have!

My health – Over the years, my priorities in fitness have shifted from weight loss to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Traveling to other countries has shown me how important it is to maintain an healthy lifestyle. Fitness has provided me the ability to do challenging activities, climb stairs to breathtaking views and hiked intense mountains. In addition, with knowing people whose health problems hinder their ability to travel far, I appreciate that at this time I have no hinderance to traveling anytime or anywhere. Remember that you can not get back years wasted and you never know what the future holds so live for today!

My desire to travel – Anyone who knows me, knows I am a world travel junkie. It is not uncommon to bring up a past or upcoming trip to a complete stranger within 5 minutes of talking to them. From this topic, I have had some intriguing conversations swapping travel stories. I love hearing about trips from around the world and sharing my own experiences with others. I have learned that just like someone who loves sports or music, I love travel and embrace that is part of my everyday life. Whatever your desire to do is in life, embrace it and be thankful for it.

My job – Although it is always hard to be back from a trip, I always find myself grateful for things I often take for granted. Especially a few days in, it is hard to get back to the work grind. However, I am always reminded how lucky I am to have a job, one that helps provide an income to travel, vacation time to take time off and a job to come back to after every trip.


My travel partner – Traveling isn’t always easy. I have ended up at the wrong airport an hour before take off (my mom and I were running to the plane like they do in movies), stuck without a cab ride because they only take cash, had a lost suitcase and ended up sick in a foreign country. I have been more than happy for the person I was traveling with during these times  to get through them together. In addition, I am so content to have memories that will last a lifetime. Only my mom and I will ever know the sheer panic of running through an airport like they do in movies. Only my husband and I will ever remember the -12 degree weather as we walked through Central Park. Only I will ever know the feeling of standing on the Eiffel Tower after climbing over 600 steps to get there. Whether your travel partner is a friend, spouse, relative or yourself, you will appreciate the memories you make with them.

Tell me: What has travel made you thankful for?

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