Travel Thursday: Phuket Itinerary

We are one day closer to Friday which also means Travel Thursday! On Tuesday, I shared my Bangkok itinerary for our trip next week. After Bangkok, we will be traveling to Phuket to finish off our trip. Although there are less sights to visit but more islands to visit, our days will still be packed. We purchased additional tour options to visit particular islands we wanted to enjoy. Therefore, we will spend additional time traveling but I am sure it will be well worth it when we get to step onto those beautiful white beaches. Our last day in Phuket is completely open so we will soak up the gorgeous beaches and Thai massages!


Here are some of the planned spots we will visit in Phuket, Thailand:

Wat Chalong – One of Thailand’s largest and  most beautifully ornamented Buddhist monasteries. Monasteries are extremely common in the city as this is one of almost 30.

Phang Nga Bay – James Bond Island – As seen in two James Bond movies, the island is most famous for its sheer limestone cliffs that climb out vertically from the emerald green water. Another beautiful site near Phuket that I am more than excited to enjoy. 

ssp_78_2_phang nga bay 02

Buddha Cave Temple – Another well known temple with a large golden Buddha. Decorated in rich, vibrant colors, this temple seems like the most exciting one to visit.

Monkey Beach – The name says it all, a beach filled with monkeys. I plan to feed the monkeys and hopefully get a picture with one!


Khai Island – I think you can tell by now, Phuket will be the spot where I get a million pictures that do not do justice to the beauty we will see. Khai Island is just that – pure beauty, with it’s completely see through water, known for being able to see the fish swimming with you.

Kho Phi Phi  – Made famous in “The Beach” (which we watched this past week) with it’s white sands, picturesque backdrop and clear blue waters, this is the reason I wanted to come to Thailand. The pictures look amazing and is my idea of a perfect beach. 

ssp_79_1_PP island 01

This is just a small list of all the spots we will be visiting but definitely some of the more well known tourist stops. We have a few more islands we will be stopping at as well as visiting more of the city life within Phuket. Regardless, I know this trip will be one of a lifetime, produce many beautiful pictures and leave us with wonderful memories.

Tell me: Which of these spots would you most like to visit? Would Monkey Beach scare you to visit?

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