Friday Favorites #23

I am thrilled to be here because that means I have three work days next before we leave for Thailand. My weekend plans consist of packing, teaching my cycle classes, seeing “The Night Before” and having game night with our best friends. Keeping it short and sweet today but per the usual, here are some of my favorites from the week. Linking up with Heather & Katie.

Friday Favorites

I got back to yoga this week and absolutely loved it. I always feel amazing after yoga and am reminded why I need to get back to a consistent routine of attending class.

My siblings and I draw Secret Santas for Christmas. Since the husband and I will be returning after the first week of December, we needed to pick names before we left. I used which made the process so easy! I was able to set up exceptions (couples not being able to choose each other) and wish lists on the site. Especially with my sister and her husband living a few hours away, this made it easier to have everyone get their “Santa” in an email.

Speaking of Christmas.. Yes, I am that person. I started listening to Christmas music this week! I could not stop my excitement when I heard the Christmas tunes on the radio. I usually overload on Christmas music that by the week of Christmas I am actually burnt out. ‘Tis the season!


There are some great movies coming up and I am completely excited about “Zoolander 2.” This was one of my favorite movies because I have always been a Ben Stiller fan. Of course, it looks just as dumb and equally funny. The Allegiant Trailer also made me so excited for March! I also need to finish the book before the movie comes out.. looks like I will be packing that in my carry on!

The craziness of holiday travel is coming so I appreciated reading “6 Tips For Saving on Holiday Travel


Tell me: Are you planning to travel this Thanksgiving holiday? Plans for the weekend?


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