I am an OC Marathon Ambassador

Back to Monday again? Luckily, this week is less than 3 days!! With a few days of work and our next big trip around the corner, I am thrilled for this week. There are still a decent amount of errands to get ready for Thailand and I would still like to keep with some of my regular weekly plans so it will definitely fly by. The weekend was filled with cycle classes and seeing “The Night Before.”  I would highly recommend seeing the movie as it was hilarious (definitely better than I thought it would be). After the movie, we walked around Old Town Pasadena which led me to into my new favorite store. Nice and simple, it was called Distant Lands – half bookstore, half traveling items. I was in heaven as we even scored a book about Thailand. A store that had at least 5 globes as decoration is my kind of store. The rest of our weekend was filled packing and cleaning for the week.


I got such a wonderful email over the weekend – I am an ambassador for the OC Marathon!!


I ran the race last year and absolutely LOVED every moment of it. It was my favorite race and the last year to complete the Beach Cities Challenge. I am thrilled to support such a wonderfully organized and aesthetically appealing race. The question for me right now is if I should sign up for the half marathon or the full? I will be back after our Thailand trip to share details of the race, how to sign up and my training plan.

Tell me: Do you normally follow a training plan for a race?

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