It’s been two weeks?!

Where did the last two weeks go?! I have no idea. Somewhere in that time I’ve done Christmas shopping, taught my usual classes, been working, visited my new nephew, went to three Christmas parties, decorated for Christmas and a slew of other things I cannot remember. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind and I laugh at my attempts to plan. The second we got back from Thailand, we were in full holiday mode. I cannot complain though when this is how my Saturday night is filled!

Luckily, this week is a short week! 3 working days (let’s be honest, mentally only 2 days) before a 4 day weekend. I am looking forward to a day of lounging, spending time with my family. This weekend we are filling out time with Christmas activities. Disneyland on Friday night, Festival of Lights on Saturday and hopefully Thoroughbred Street on Sunday night. Only a week left to soak up the holiday! It’s nice being done with my shopping to enjoy the week doing activities and not standing in a line of shoppers. I’ll leave with some pictures of the fun I’ve been filling my past few weeks with.


 Catch you back Monday! Have a great weekend.

Tell me: Are you done with your Christmas shopping? 

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