Thailand Recap: 1st day in Bangkok

My Thailand recaps will probably last until February due to the amazing experiences we had, beautiful places we visited and the new friends we made. We took thousands of pictures and made memories to last for a lifetime so I hope that at the very least my recaps either get to you to consider traveling to Thailand or finally booking the ticket to go.

Our trip to Thailand started in Los Angeles at 8:00am on Thanksgiving Thursday and ended in Bangkok at 2:00am on Saturday. Needless to say, traveling around the world takes quite a bit of time. We had a freezing cold layover in Beijing before traveling to Bangkok. Our China Air flight from Los Angeles to our layover was almost 13 hours. Thankfully I slept for most of it. The Beijing layover was thankfully less than 4 hours which included waiting for the insanely long security check, food and walking around the bitterly cold airport. Our second flight from Beijing to Bangkok was less than 5 hours and thankfully another flight I was able to sleep through most of. When we arrived in Bangkok, we were met by our tour guide in baggage claim. Our tour was booked via Groupon through Affordable Asia. We had a tour bus for us at the airport to take us to the hotel. We checked into our room after 2am, greeted by champagne, rose petals and chocolate cake. We were treated very well by the hotel & staff as we booked a honeymoon suite upgrade a few weeks before the trip. It was well worth the upgrade for the suites alone at both hotels.

Beijing Airport Bangkok Thailand

Golden Temple, Wat Pho  &  Temple of The Reclining Buddha 

Our first day in Bangkok started with our first group tour of the Golden Temple. I was so surprised at the amount of detail and ornate design in the temple. It was beautiful inside and out. I really loved getting to look up close at the detail that was housing the Golden Buddha. We did  not stay long at the Golden Temple before moving to my favorite spot of the day – Wat Pho. As I mentioned before I was most excited to visited Wat Pho because it housed the oldest temple that was the birth place of the Thai massage as well as the largest gold reclining Buddha. It was magnificent in person as well as extremely awkward. The large Buddha was housed from top to bottom in a temple that again boasted detailed decoration but made it hard to view the entire statue.

Golden Temple Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Bangkok

Wat Pho Thailand Bangkok

The biggest disappointment of all our stops for the entire trip was the gem factory. I was so excited to see how the gems are made into jewelry, being a jewelry lover myself. However, I felt like the trip was more of a selling tactic of the company. We watched a short video about the company (seemed more like a commercial) before taking a 1 minute walk through the factory where employees were creating jewelry. It ended in a large showroom of jewelry where employees tried to sell you gems and silk. Otherwise, our first day was the perfect start to Bangkok. We ended our evening with a 4 hour spa service at our hotel including a massage, body scrub, body wrap and facial. I could not wait to see what our second day had to hold for us!

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