Thailand Recap: Grand Royal Palace in Bangkok

Following our eventful first day, our second day in Bangkok offered an optional tour to the Royal Palace that we booked. Our group was much smaller which made the experience even better. When we originally added the tour, I was hesitant that we would get stuck going places we did not want to see. Thankfully, we had the very best experience. We had an experienced tour guide who lived in Bangkok and provided very helpful information. We also got to know the other people on our tour and ended up becoming very good friends with them. Overall, I was very happy in the end we booked the tours we did.

Grand Royal Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha
The Grand Royal Palace, home of the Thai King and Royal Court for 150 years, was absolutely exquisite in color and detail. Although it was the most crowded tourist spot we visited, it was the most beautiful. The pictures do not do justice to the architectural history and culture in this place. The Temple holds the most famous Buddah shrine in the country. It was a marvel to see and held a lot of history we learned from our tour guide. Although pictures are not allowed in the Temple, they were everywhere else. The pictures speak for themselves as to why the Palace is a must-see in Thailand.

Thailand Bangkok Recap 1

Thailand Bangkok Recap 3

Thailand Bangkok Recap 5
Chaopraya River
After the palace, we enjoyed lunch on a floating restaurant before boarding a motor boat. We took the canal waterways along the river. We got to see local shops, homes and restaurants. It was awesome when a boat pulled up to ours to sell coffee, tea or snacks. They hook their rope to our boat and sell out of their boat. Another surprising thing was the amount of catfish in the river. Our tour guide provided bread to feed them and there were hundreds fighting for the food.

Thailand Bangkok Recap 4

After returning to our hotel, we enjoyed the hotel pool with our new friends before getting ready to go out for the night. Our hotel had a very nice rooftop bar where we enjoyed the views, sunset and drinks. The rooftop bar view had a very Los Angeles, CA feel looking over the bustling city with high risers.

Thailand Bangkok Recap 2

Khao San Road
At night, we ventured out on our own to Khao San Road to see this well-known road for our self. The road is known for crazy antics, street vendors and massage shops. We saw all of that in the form of street vendors selling fake IDs, laughing gas and clothing for less than 5 dollars. My favorite part? The massage shops. We enjoyed the famous fish eating foot treatment before getting a foot massage. Even better was that the massage and treatment cost us less than $10 per person. Although the fish tickled my feet like crazy, it was an experience I had to say I tried. Plus, my feet have never been softer.


Thailand Bangkok Recap 3

Tell me: Would you let fish eat the dead skin off your feet? What is the craziest place you have visited in another country? (I think Khao San Road was it for me)


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