Airline Review: Thai Airways

On Day 4 of our trip in Thailand, we woke up early to pack our bags to head from Bangkok to Phuket. We arrived at the airport in the morning. The package we booked handled the flight to Phuket. Therefore, we only learned that day we would be flying Thai Airways. Since I usually am heavy into research, it made me uncomfortable not knowing anything about the airline before we left but I was extremely surprised.

Airline Review

I had a hesitant moment as I saw the airplane we would be taking to Phuket. It was a smaller airplane which usually makes me nervous. However, the second we walked into the airplane, I was back in vacation mode. The bright orange seats made the cabin feel like I was going to an island vacation. We were greeted by friendly stewardesses and seated in spacious, comfortable seats. After we were seated, the stewardess approached our group, asking if anyone wanted to move to an open window seat. Our flight was not filled so we appreciated being offered the ability to move from the aisle. After being seated before the plane took off, we were handed a welcome bag with a danish, water bottle and cold cloth. It was a nice touch to start the flight off. After we took off, the stewardess came by to offer a drink and a snack box with cookies and nuts. By the time, we ate our snacks and finished a soda, the stewardess came back for a second drink. Shortly after, the pilot was announcing our descent into Phuket. It was one of the shortest, most enjoyable flights I have been on. The flight from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi International Airport – BKK) to Phuket (Phuket International Airport – HKT) was just a bit longer than an hour. Flying into Phuket, overlooking the beach was the prettiest city I have flown into. The airport made it easy to get our bags and get on the road to enjoy our first in Phuket!

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Thai Airways was a great experience for us and was a personal favorite of mine. I will definitely use Thai Airways as a future potential for my travel adventures.

Later this week, I will share our first day in Phuket at our amazing hotel right on the beach!

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