James Bond Island Review

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James Bond Island Review

Our first full day in Phuket started bright and early in the morning. Before we headed to James Bond Island with the rest of our tour group, the trip started off on a great note when our tour guide pulled off on the side of the road to a fresh pineapple stand. The pineapples were grown in the trees right in front of our faces. No wonder all the fruit was DELICIOUS, no comparison to the fruit we eat every day.

Phuket, Thailand Review 2

Phuket, Thailand Review

After our stop at the stand, we boarded back on the bus to head to Monkey Cave (Suwankuha Temple). Before we off loaded, our tour guide warned us to keep all belongings close, especially phones and sunglasses. She said if the monkey takes an item of yours, let him have it. People have been known to fight the monkeys for their belongings but the monkeys always win. Um I will stay on the bus after all. Just kidding but I was a little concerned. We bought a bag of bananas, nuts and corn before we walked to the cave. Surrounding the entrance of the temple were monkeys all over. They were in the trees, on the rocks, coming down the side of the mountain. The amount of monkeys was incredible, including many parents with baby monkeys clinging to them. We made our way through the Temple which although small was very beautiful. We finished our stop feeding the monkeys. Never would have believed that monkeys absolutely love corn and preferred it over bananas!


After our trip to the Monkey Cave, we hopped on a longtail boat to Phang Nga Bay, which is home to James Bond Island. Before we got on the boat, I bought a hat for $3 (what a steal) because I started to feel overheated. The heat was kicking in and I wanted to make sure I stayed as cooled off as possible. The ride to James Bond Island which included a few stops to point out a komodo dragon and some rock formations took about 45 mins. It felt great to have the wind in my face and definitely helped me cool down.



Our stop at James Bond Island was amazing. The rock formations were just breathtaking. The water was a color I have never seen in water before. There was a small trail to walk around the other side of the (very small) island. The worst part of the trail was the inability to have people walking up and down the trail. Therefore, we spent a decent amount of time waiting for people to pass but we were able to get some great pictures across the island. The other side of the island was less crowded and offered a beautiful view of the ocean. Of course, the main attraction is the tall vertical rock island that stands out in the middle of the bay. The rock island was named after it appeared in the James Bond – The Man with the Golden Gun. Overall, the island is worth the boat ride for the pictures alone!




Unfortunately by our last boat ride to a late lunch, I was started to get very sick. Therefore, there were no pictures during our time at the Muslim fishing village on Koh Panyee Island. It was very interesting to witness the local lifestyle of this village on the water. After lunch, we stopped at a few more stops along the water as we made our way back to admire the blue and green water with lush greenery.

Next week should be the wrap up of our Thailand trip with our last day in Phuket which also happens to be my favorite day of the entire trip.

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