Where in the world is Planks and Planes?

Obviously I am here now but I have been more sporadic with the posts over the last few weeks. Oh how I wish my absence on the blog was due to a trip around the world but sadly it hasn’t been. Two weeks ago, my husband and I got married, this time in front of our closest family and friends. The weather was beautiful, the food delicious, the flowers gorgeous, the night memorable. I will definitely write a post of our travel themed wedding because everything focused on our love of travel, the perfect topic to our relationship. While it has been a hectic month, it has been extremely exciting and fast paced. Here is what Planks and Planes has been up to:

  1. Planning our honeymoon – Let’s be honest, my husband and I might have been more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding (that’s what you get when a wanderluster marries another wanderluster). We have been so fortunate between generous gifts, holidays and working our trip that what started as a honeymoon to Greece has turned into a trip of a lifetime. Besides the package we booked in Greece which includes 1 day in Delphi, 3 in Santorini, 4 in Mykonos and 3 in Athens, we decided to add to our flights in the US. We will be traveling to NY for 2 days before we depart to Greece then return to NY for 2 more days before we embark on a road trip through Connecticut and Rhode Island, ending in Boston, Massachusetts for almost 3 days. Needless to say,  we are taking full advantage of our honeymoon.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.31.18 PM

  2. Getting a new teaching job – On the teaching front, I mentioned a few weeks back that I got a sub gig at my dream club. The hiring process was extremely long and drawn out. However, as I wrapped up the process I found myself in a full day new hire orientation followed by multiple requests for teaching within the next month. I am very excited for this new chapter because 1) it was a dream of mine before I started teaching and 2) the extended opportunities make me excited about my fitness career.
  3. Studying for the group fitness certification – As seen on Instagram, I have started studying for my group fitness certification. While I have a few certifications, the group ex will allow to teach any and all options at the new gym as well as help me prepare for my personal training certification after. I am excited for all  the possibilities in my future.


  4. Dealing with current job struggles – Well it definitely has not been all sunshine and roses on the job front. While I won’t get into the specifics, it has been challenging and I have certainly been struggling at times. What I have learned from the trials has been gratefulness. It can be so challenging to remember all the good things in a hard time but that is usually what allows me to soldier on in most situations. My mother has been my sounding board for a lot of what has been going in my life so when she sent me the quote below, I was grateful to have such a supportive mother.


  5. Cycling, cycling and more cycling –  I feel if I am not actually cycling or teaching cycling, I am prepping for a cycle class or completing my recertification. Therefore, cycling surrounds me. The cycle room at the gym is my second home and I have no complaints with that. I really feel I have gotten into a great groove at my gym which makes me even more excited to start at the new gym and push myself as an instructor.


Tell me: Where did you go for your honeymoon or where would you want to go for your honeymoon?

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