Travel Tips: Part V – More Travel Websites

Last year I wrote the “Travel Tips” series which included 5 of my most used websites when booking travel. Over the past few months, I have noticed a few more travel websites making their way into my weekly rotation. Yes, weekly. What can I say, if I’m not planning a vacation, I am looking for the next one. Much to my husband’s dismay, these often happen at the same time. Since planning any trip is all about the research, it is necessary to have an arsenal of go-to websites when you are ready to book. Here are some of my favorite travel planning websites:

Travel Tips Part 1

Costco Travel – I mentioned using Costco Travel during our Greece research in a Friday Favorites. I think Costco is one of the last places people would think of when booking travel. However, they offer competitive, inclusive packages that rival most vacation packages. In addition, they offer cruise and theme park packages. Especially if your travel plans are open, this is a great option. They will present packages to your desired destination that allows you to customize the days spent in each city.

TripDelta – Plain and simple, this is one of the two flight searches we always check when booking airfare. TripDelta compares hundred of companies to show you all the possibilities. As we have been booking our honeymoon, I would usually be on Skyscanner and the husband would search using TripDelta. TripDelta boasts a wide range of results in an extremely quick manner.

TripAdvisor – Another site I have mentioned before, it is a go to when we have set a destination and start planning what we want to do. My favorite, most used feature on the site is the “Things To Do” which gives you the top voted things to do in any city. We have stumbled upon some amazing museums, parks and activities we would have otherwise never visited. You can book tours directly on the site through one of the other sites I shared before – TripAdvisor also has hotel, flight and restaurant searches as well as forums for fellow travelers to discuss their own findings.

AirFareWatchdog – For flight searches, this is the best site to have them do the work for you. Not only do you have an extensive flight search, you can also set up notifications for a specific destination you are planning to visit. They will send you an email when the price has changed for that destination. I used this for my Europe trip when booking. I waited a few weeks until AirFareWatchdog told me the price dropped and then I jumped on the lower cost.

Tell me: What websites or companies do you use for booking travel?

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