Travel Thursday: What I’ve Been Reading

How did another Travel Thursday sneak up on me? This week has sped by me but I am not complaining because I get to see my sisters and the kids this weekend! This week has  been all about planning our honeymoon trip. If we aren’t actually planning, we are talking about our flights, activities and  schedules. I am getting so excited! In 2 months we will  be starting our 2 1/2 week trip across the US and Greece! I am keeping it short and sweet today but will be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites.


Here are some of the travel articles I have been reading this week:

40 Airport Secrets Only Insiders Know” – MSN 

Some of these were very helpful tips I will use in the future while others I already do when flying. The one I would be interested to try is volunteering to wait until the next fly in exchange for a voucher. If we are not in a rush on our trip, this could definitely be worth it.

Best Places To Travel In April” – Travel & Leisure 

Being so close to a city listed, we should definitely take a day trip to Los Angeles. Traveling doesn’t have to mean you have to get on a plane, sometimes the best trips are exploring places near you.

50 Travel Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel” – World of Wanderlust

Knowing how to pack a hat is something I could have used on my last two trips. Instead I held a hat through security, the flight, a layover and then a second flight. Needless to say  I will be using that tip in Greece!

How to Pack Like a Minimalist” – Travelettes

I have the mentality I would rather pack extras and have options but that results in lugging a large suitcase and carry-on around. Therefore, articles like this push me to pack lighter and stop bringing things I never wear or use!

1,000 Ft. Glass Slide Above Los Angeles” – The Travel Magazine

Although this seems a little scary, it also looks like an amazing experience with great views. I think this will be something we have to try, especially being so close to Los Angeles.

Why You Should Travel When You’re Young” – Contiki

I can never say it enough.. TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL.. as much as you can, whenever you can. If I could I make my sisters travel abroad during college so this article was a great read I passed on. Plus although I am closer to 20 than I am to 30, I still think many of the concepts still apply.

20 Pictures to Inspire You to Visit Mykonos” – The Blonde Abroad

Obviously we didn’t need inspiration since we are already visiting but these pictures made me so excited to visit. It also made me motivated to skip the candy jar at work since I will be in a swimsuit for most of May.

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