Friday Favorites #25

Its been a rough morning. I wrote my post up for Friday Favorites, hit Save Draft and got an error message! Lesson learned – hit save throughout writing. It wont bring me down though because it is Friday which means in 6 hours I will be starting the weekend. It has been quite awhile since I linked up with Heather & Katie for Friday Favorites. While the last few weeks have been enjoyable, they have been very hectic. I am enjoying slowly getting back into a normal routine. Who knew I would get to a point in my life where I crave a day spent studying and doing chores!? We are driving up north to celebrate my nephew’s birthday this weekend. Sunday will be filled with some visits to model homes (see below) and studying for my group exercise certification.

Friday Favorites

Here are some of my favorites from the week:

The husband and I started house hunting last weekend for our first home together. I love looking at model homes, seeing them decorated gives me so many ideas! The process has been moving faster than we thought resulting in us narrowing it down to our final 2. We will be showing my parents this weekend and continue moving forward with the process. The thing I am most excited for? Our spare bedroom will be our home gym. Pinterest has been my most used app this week for that reason alone.

Also last weekend, we enjoyed some time at Barnes and Noble looking at the travel books for Greece. I loved the travel section (did I really just state the most obvious sentence possible) and will definitely return for our next trip  to do more research.

Barnes and Noble

I never thought I would say this but I have really been into EDM the past few weeks. While I had a song or two in my playlists when I started teaching, I have been using it more and more. This week, I taught a full EDM cycle class. The feedback was amazing and very well liked. Meghan Trainor had it right, it’s all about the bass!


I am so excited to use my new convertible purse / back pack in Greece. Even better that it was on sale!

Purse Backpack

I shared my favorite travel posts from this week. Here are some others I enjoyed reading:

Tell me: What are your favorites from the week? Plans for the weekend?

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