Last Day in Phuket – Phi Phi Island

After our eventful day at James Bond Island, I thought this tour would seem too similar. Boy, was I wrong! Phi Phi Island was the best day of Phuket and was the only competition for my favorite day of the trip. Early in the morning, we took a bus to a boat landing where we were given information for the loading the speed boat as well as the schedule for the day. We hoped on the speed boat and took off. Thank goodness for Dramamine because the boat ride was bumpy and fast! After a 30 min ride, we stopped at our first spot, in front of Phi Phi island to snorkel!

Phi Phi Island

In the middle of the perfectly clear water, we hopped off the back of the boat looking for fish which were everywhere. The clearness of the water was shocking. We could see fish of all colors as we swam along. By the time we had to load back on the boat, we were excited for our next stop – Phi Phi Island. Quick side note, the main reason I wanted to go to Thailand before we booked our trip was for Phi Phi Island. I love beaches and have read that the colors of the ocean are indescribable. So if you are thinking of going, I have to say, you will not be disappointed!



We made it to Ko Phi Phi Island in less than 20 minutes where there were pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise water. It took everything in me not to jump off and run to the beach! No wonder they made the movie, “The Beach” here! This truly was indescribable. Pictures do no justice to the colors and beauty. Located in between two enormous limestone cliffs, it feels like a private beach. On the side the boat landed, the water was a clear green color whereas the other side boasted blue water. Once we embarked, we walked from one side of the island to the other. The short walk through trees and shade landed us on the “blue side” which was astounding! I have never seen water so clear. The water was surrounded by more limestone cliffs and made for perfect pictures. Since the blue side is on a small platform that gets crowded easily, we walked back to the green side to get in the water. The sand was smooth, the water warm and the surroundings incredible. There were schools of fish that you could see swimming alongside. Hands down, the best beach I have ever been to!




En route to our lunch spot, we stopped at Maya Bay, Monkey Beach,  and Viking Cave.We enjoyed a lunch on the beach that was included in our tour group. I cannot speak to the lunch because I skipped due to not feeling well the day before but the views were amazing. The island was enjoyable to relax on and extremely lively.



After lunch, we boarded the boat back to enjoying our last snorkeling spot. The boat stopped at Loh Samah Bay with again clear waters that made it hard to tell how far you were from the bottom. There were so many fish to see and by this time, the husband and I deemed the $3 bucks we spent on the waterproof case, the best money we spent all day! We got back on the boat, exhausted (partly from all the salt water I inhaled) but happy. As the boat took off, our guide walked around with fresh pineapple and drinks. It was so refreshing!





Our last stop was spent at Khai Island which was our least favorite stop. From the moment we stepped off the boat, we were bombarded asking and buy drinks. The spot was a tourist trap but we made the best of it, soaking up the sand and more views of the ocean! What better way to avoid them bugging you than by taking a nap on the beach!



We were thrilled to find out that we could buy a DVD with pictures and video from our trip. We purchased the DVD so we got even better pictures of us snorkeling and enjoying the island. Overall, it was the best way we could spend our last full day in Phuket.

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