Running as Therapy & Training

How did the weekend come and go so quickly? I feel like it was just Friday afternoon and here it is Monday again! Luckily my weekend was a great one and this week is a short week at work. Last week’s training was an extremely productive one. I had two great runs where I was able to run my stress away. I went to the best yoga class I have ever been to on Thursday. The class offered enough modifications as well as additions to fit all levels. I loved the pace of the class and all of the poses. I left the class on an endorphin high. Overall, I was extremely proud of myself for really kicking it up and for relying on exercise to get me through the week, not food.

I mentioned last week that work has been stressful and I’ve definitely had a full plate the past few weeks. All too often, when a week is stressful, I turn to food (and my stomach loves to convince my head that ice cream will help). I have been working to think about my feelings rather than trying to soothe them with tasty desserts. While in the moment, it seems like a good idea, it never makes me feel better and I’m left with nothing but regret. This week running has been my therapy instead of food. I have found that after every run, I feel less stressed and filled with more energy. What better time to work on new habits than the first day of spring?


My half training this week was exactly as I wanted (and needed) it to be. With only 6 weeks left until the OC Half Marathon, I need to ensure my training miles increase this week as they are supposed to. Otherwise, just continuing with a mix of running, strength training and rest.

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class and free weight arm workout

Monday –  4 miles

Tuesday –  1 hour cycle class followed by a mini bootcamp session (3 rounds of sprints, push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and lunges)

Wednesday –  5 miles

Thursday – 1 hour yoga class

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 1 hour cycle class followed by 2 miles

Sunday – 1 hour cycle class and 15 min leg workout

Tell me: What do you turn to when you are stressed out? What do you find the most effective?

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