Rock It Out Playlist & Coupon Code

Another month means another crazy month end. I wanted to stop in quickly today and share a few things.

First, something everyone loves – saving money. The price went up for the OC Marathon last week. But if you missed it and want to sign up, use coupon code “SAMANTHA10OFF” for $10 bucks off the current price for the half or full marathon. Under the Ambassador drop down, choose my name “Samantha Bruce.” I will be checking in tomorrow with my latest training week and sharing some of my latest thoughts on running.

Speaking of running, I have my eyes on the next half marathon I want to run, the Revel Canyon City Marathon. The whole course is downhill and runs through the Angeles National Forest. I am even toying with finally conquering my fears and signing up for the full marathon. I feel like if I am finally going to stop thinking about it and actually do it, a downhill course might be better. However, I suffer from on and off shin splints so downhill might not be the way to go. I’ll have to do some more research before deciding. Anyone run the course before? Thoughts?

Lastly, I wanted to share a rock playlist I used in cycle class yesterday that people really enjoyed. A lot of these songs have a very high BPM which makes the playlist great for any cardio workout. It also helped to keep the class aiming for an increased pace while we climbed (a lot). And let me tell you, with these heavy beats, there was a lot of climbing.

Rock It Out Playlist

The new gym I teach at is a fairly decent mix of women and men of all ages which makes creating playlists even harder. EDM is always a great go-to, with less lyrics and more sounds, it is easier to please everyone. This playlist has some great covers of older songs but artists that a younger generation would know. Enjoy!

Tell me: Would you rather a race all downhill or all uphill?

Check out more playlists on the Fitness page. 

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