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Most runners have a story about when they first started that ended up in blisters or chaffing. These stories have helped runners to learn the importance of a good pair of running shoes and/or moisture wicking clothes. While running is simply just about starting, as you continue to run you will value good quality items that help support your training and/or potentially racing. Over the years of running for fun or enduring the training for race, there are a few tried and true things that I have come to NEED while running. Today for Friday Favorites, I am sharing my Favorite Running Gear. Linking up with Heather (whose new move to NY is making me so excited for our trip to the Big Apple next week) and Katie. Share your Friday Favorites in the comments!


1) Energy / Gu Fuel – For the first race that I ran, it was definitely amateur hour. Refueling never crossed my mind and half way through the light went off in my head. There is a reason that runners have their go to race fuel, never straying without thoroughly testing out a new fuel before committing. Gu Fuel Gel is my go-to for energy during a race. I take one before the start of a race and at least one, sometimes two during. I have tried the chomps and I just cannot get over the texture and having to chew while running. My favorite flavors are salted caramel and salted watermelon!!

2) Bic Bands – I have spent tons of money when first running on headbands that no slip or sports headbands for the active girl. NONE of them have worked. Then at my first race expo, I walked past the Bic Bands booth, enticed by the glitter headbands and I have been hooked ever since. These bad boys are the real deal. I have worn them through hours of classes, running and work without having to even adjust once. These are a staple in my workout and real life wardrobe. I hate having hair in my face and these beauties keep my hair in place forever!! I cannot recommend them enough (that’s coming from someone who might have upwards of 20 glitter colors!)


3) KT Tape – This is the newest addition to my favorite running gear. KT Tape is used on muscles, ligaments, and tendons and provides lightweight, external support. When my knee was giving me problems, I finally broke down, bought a roll and it looks like this weekend I will already need to get more. This has helped my knee immensely before, during and after the half marathon. I have worn it for days on end and noticed a huge improvement in my recovery. I have been sharing it with others that at the family’s birthday celebration last week I ended up taping my brother and dad. When I texted my brother this week, he said his shoulder has already felt better.


4) Compression SocksPro Compression socks are the best! I have been rotating my socks out each day. Compression socks help speed recovery as well as increase blood flow so they are the perfect addition during training and after a race. Every single race I immediately change into compression socks and don’t take them off for 24 hours. With my IT band problems, compression socks have been my go to when sleeping. Plus compression socks are great beyond workouts. A pair is making its way into my suitcase for our long flight to Greece!

5) Running Watch / Garmin Forerunner 220 – I started my running on a treadmill but by the time fall rolled around I wanted to start running outside. I got my first Garmin as a gift and have never looked back. I love the ease of using it and have really learned to pace my runs using a watch. I think a running watch has helped me really fine tune my running. I love that the watch syncs with the app to have comparisons of my runs on my phone. While running naked (like I was forced to when I packed my watch away and couldn’t find it) can be freeing, I was thrilled to have my watch back during my half training.


Tell me: What is your favorite running gear?

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