Friday Favorites #27: Delphi, Greece

Hello from a ferry somewhere in the middle of the ocean en route to Mykonos, Greece. I am dropping in for a Friday Favorites to share my definite favorite of the week – our day trip to Delphi, Greece. Delphi was our first stop in Greece and added to our itinerary as a utilization of an extra day in Athens that we added to our vacation package. Although our time in Athens was shorter than Mykonos or Santorini, the husband and I both wanted to visit Delphi for the view of the Sea of Crete we had seen in pictures.

After our arrival in Athens International airport, we got out of the plane and through customs very quickly before we picked up our rental car. We got on the road to Delphi in the late morning with approximately a 3 hour drive. The drive was beautiful from start to finish and thanks to GPS, fairly flawless. The first hour was from the city of Athens to the outskirts of the city but about an hour in, we started driving through the mountains. The views through the mountains made me want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures but I resisted. Driving through the small city at the top of the hill on the side of Mount Parnassus was just the best part of my day.

After checking in to a quaint, family owned hotel, we went to explore the archeological ruins and museum. The museum was small and took about 20 minutes to walk through but the ruins took a couple hours due to the continuous uphill climb and picture taking (my calves were feeling the great workout they got the next day). The ruins consist of the temple of Apollo, his sanctuary, a theater and stadium. In addition to the historic enjoyment, the views over the mountainside and valleys were phenomenal. Pictures can’t accurately show the vivid details in the ruins or the beauty in the hills but they give a good picture. Better yet, you should go to Greece to see for yourself – promise it is so worth it!!


 After exploring for a few hours, we capped off our day with a glass of wine and gelato at a restaurant with one of the best views. Needless to say, overall this was my favorite of the week for good reason.  
Thank you to Katie & Heather for the Friday Favorite link up!!

Tell me: What was your favorite part of the week? Any plans for the weekend?


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