Fitbit Alta Review

For (Dog) Mother’s Day, I got a Fitbit Alta because my Fitbit Charge was getting a little worn down. Although my Charge was still working, I had my eyes on the Alta since it was announced. Especially as my Charge started getting worn down, I started doing more research on the Alta and liked what I saw. The two things that peaked my strong interest in the fitness tracker: the slim design and the reminder to move. Now that I have have had the Alta for over a month using it during a half marathon, a few cycle classes and vacation, I wanted to share my review of the Fitbit Alta.


Let’s get straight to it – I LOVE the Fitbit Alta and would recommend over the Fitbit Charge! While I loved my Charge and had very few complaints about it, all of those complaints were taken care of with the Alta. Here are the things I like better about the Alta over the Charge:

Additional Accessory Bands – One of the first things I noticed when the Alta was announced was the ability to change the bands. However, the difference between the Flex and the Alta is the slimmed down style. My main complaint on the Charge was the thick style made it look like a fitness tracker. The Alta offers a sleek look with the chrome display that makes it look more like a bracelet than a tracker. In addition to the color the band is purchased, you can purchase additional bands that include various colors and material such as leather and metal.

Reminder to Move (every hour) – To be fair, the new hourly step goal is a feature that came with the new updated dashboard for all Fitbits. The reminder however was not on the Charge. The goal is to be active of 250 minimum steps per hour. If you have not reached the goal, within the hour, you will receive a notification on your tracker to get up and move. If you have completed some steps, it will tell you how many

Smart Track – The Alta automatically recognizes and records exercises for you. This allows you to keep track of workouts without having to record them in the app. I love this feature because I would often forget to log workouts in the app. Then I would have to backtrack and remember two weeks of workouts at a time. The smart track automatically registers the workouts I complete including walking which was great when we were traveling.

My main complaint about the Alta? It took me almost 2 weeks to be able to get the clasp together on my own. Otherwise, I would have to make sure that the husband was around to help me put it on.

Overall, the switch to the Fitbit Alta has been an extremely easy one due to the improvements from the Charge. In addition, some of the new updates are also included on the Fitbit updates for other devices!

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