Travel Thursday: New Haven, Connecticut

Thursday already? Fast weeks are really the best! I am jumping out of sequential order on my honeymoon recap from our first stop in Brooklyn. Being that is Travel Thursday, I wanted to share another recent example of getting the most out of your trips, especially utilizing the “in-between” travel time. When flying, we almost always make our layovers into a trip. Our honeymoon was no exception. Our travel package was booked out of New York City so we enjoyed a trip to New York before and after Greece. In addition, we decided to take advantage of the fact that east coast states are extremely close to each other. From New York city, we added a last weekend trip to finish off our trip in Boston. Yet even within the drive to Boston, we were able to see even more of the United States.

New Haven, Connecticut

While driving to Boston from New York City, we took a scenic route through Connecticut. We took a break after an hour and a half to stop at New Haven, Connecticut. I was happy because we got to check another state off the list and stretch our legs. We parked in the downtown area and first walked to Yale University. Coming from Southern California where there are a plethora of universities, I was shocked at how beautiful the school was. The Gothic architecture made it hard to believe we were at a college. The historic buildings made for an easy walking tour which made us feel like students scouting out their college (oh how I wish I was 18 again!!). Although it was extremely humid, we enjoyed the school before we walked around the New England downtown after our visit through Yale. There are two large  nearby parks and the city hall which in itself is a historic building. Overall, I loved the 2 hour stop we made which let us get a feel for the small town vibe.

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