I’ve Been Seeing Orange

Life seems to just be flying by. I was definitely not planning a 2 week break from blogging but hey life happens. There have been some exciting things going on in my life all of which are worth the insane weeks I have been having. However, I am looking forward to it getting a little less hectic (hopefully sooner rather than later) in the weeks to come. Plus, I need to work on finishing recapping my honeymoon before I start forgetting some of the details. Since it has been a while, a little catch up of what has been going on in my side of the world before I get back to a regular posting.

1. Although I do need to get to the optometrist, I am not seeing orange from vision problems but rather because I have been training to be an Orangetheory Coach!! The past few weeks have been consumed by training but I could not be more excited. The training will last through this weekend before starting to teaching practice classes. It still feels like a dream that fitness has continued to take me in some different directions in my life. If you told me just a few years ago that I would be here teaching at multiple gyms, multiple formats and LOVING it, I would have probably laughed. Life is just so exciting and unpredictable!

2. The most exciting thing in the past two weeks? We got our first home! Our condo is being built just a few blocks from where we currently live and will be completed in November. I have been going crazy on Pinterest with travel themed decorating. The way this year has been going, November will be here before you know it. Christmas in our first home together is the best thing I could ask for. We have been signing a mountain of documents and get to go to the design center this week to pick our electrical and cabinets.

3. Another item was crossed off the fitness list and 2016 goals by getting my Spinning Re-certification. I have a draft post to share the process which was fairly easy and allows me to teach cycle for another 2 years! I am still working on studying for my ACE Group Fitness Certification but with the increase in training for Orangetheory, studying has been tossed to the side.

See you back tomorrow for a Travel Thursday post!

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