Friday Favorites #28

Can we all just agree that 4 day weeks are amazing! This week flew by and this weekend is going to be packed with 2 cycle classes, an Orangetheory class, my first class as an Orangetheory instructor and a night concert at the lake with friends. It has been quite awhile since I posted a Friday Favorites but this week was one filled with some definite highlights so I had to stop in to link up with Heather & Katie.


1) Planning our travel themed home has been a stress reliever! While the entire house will not be travel themed, it will be heavily present across all rooms. We already have a lot of travel themed decor as well as souvenirs from trips that we want to display. I have been scouring the internet and found so many great ideas to use things like maps and pictures from past trips. Pinterest has given me so much inspiration that I can’t help but ask – is it November yet?

Travel themed

2) We booked our next trip to Napa Valley! I am so excited to spend my 28th birthday in wine country. In less than a month, we will get to spend a long weekend wine tasting with our friends. I hope to take the Napa Valley wine train and do some grape stomping. Any suggestions for our Nor Cal trip?


3) Our 4th of July started with a local 5K that I have done a handful of times. The only running I have been doing has been at Orangetheory so I told myself to just have fun. I did not even run with my Garmin and enjoyed just running. The run takes place in a beautiful college town so the views were amazing. All in all it was one of the most enjoyable runs and sparked that desire for running again. Plus training will start next month for the Run Revel.

4th of July 5K

4) The long weekend was not short on delicious desserts and we finally got to try the new CREAM ice cream sandwich shop. The shop went in down the street a few months ago so we decided to enjoy a summer evening walk to burn some calories before we consumed a large amount. The husband got the do-ssaint sandwich (which was amazing) and my funfetti cookie, cookie dough ice cream was definitely a winner. While it was a perfect summer dessert, it will be a splurge in the future because it is just too much sugar in one sitting.


5) This summer has been so enjoyable. While I have yet to make it to the beach, the weather has been so nice. My absolute favorite time of the day – 6pm. When the sun starts going down, it cools down but is still warm. We have been getting of pool time which makes up for the lack of beach.

Friday Favorites

Tell me: Any plans for the weekend? What are you favorites from the week?

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