Travel Thursday: The Freedom Trail

Boston was the last stop on our honeymoon trip. Our plan was to spend one full day walking the Freedom Trail from start to finish. Although it was pretty warm, we enjoyed walking the Freedom Trail and getting to see the city on foot. We were very fortunate to be in Boston during Memorial Day weekend which allowed us to get an extra special experience of American history. 

  • Boston Common (MUST SEE) – We spent a large amount of time in the Boston Common area enjoying the Boston Common Park! It was such a nice area to enjoy the weather and beautiful park grounds.

  • Massachusetts State House – I was most upset about the State House being closed but we will just have to go again to visit in Boston.
  • Park Street Church – The beautiful church was once the first landmark travelers saw when approaching Boston.
  • Granary Burying Ground – The burial grounds of Paul Reverse, John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Of all the burial grounds this was the best of them all. 

  • King’s Chapel (MUST SEE) – The King’s Chapel was one of my favorite stops in the entire trail. I loved the paper tour they offered and the gorgeous historic church still intact.

  • King’s Chapel Burying Ground – While I loved the history and the location was easy being next to the chapel, I think it was worth skipping.
  • Benjamin Franklin Statue – The statue was being renovated so we were unable to see it.
  • Old Corner Book Store – Not much more than a bookstore to buy books, I don’t think it was worth the stop. 
  • Old South Meeting House – Although the meeting house looks like a church, it was a meeting house for the Puritans to worship. A really great interactive tour was included in the cost.

  • Old State House / Site of Boston Massacre (MUST SEE) – The Old State House was my absolute favorite stop of the Freedom Trail. From the second you walk into the house, there were interactive games, information and displays that shared the history of Boston during the Boston Massacre which happened right outside the State House. Plus you got to be a character during the Boston Massacre while you were walking around which made the tour even better! 

  • Faneuil Hall – The Faneuil Hall was the spot of the first town’s meeting and has become a shopping center. A great learning stop for those with children. The hall also had some delicious food options and a large amount of shopping unique to the area and a great spot for souvenirs.

  • Paul Revere House – The Paul Revere House was very small but extremely interesting to see how homes used to be in the past. In each room there were detailed explainations of the typical home set ups during the times. (No pictures allowed)
  • Copp’s Hill Burying Ground – sadly, by the third one the burial grounds seemed to be less appealing than the first but interesting none the less. 
  • Bunker Hill Monument – the monument was close to the USS Constitution so it was worth walking to. Otherwise not much to see or  much being taught about Bunker Hill. 

  • USS Constitution (MUST SEE) – Our last stop was the USS Constitution which we were able to explore on the ship and under the deck. I love all things ship related so this was a highlight for me! 

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