Learning to Chill Out & Playlist

One of the things I struggle with most is learning to say no. Most often I will say yes to something I don’t want to do, sometimes even things I can’t do. Then I tell myself I will figure it out. However, what is worse than not saying no is the stress that results from saying yes. It leads to me scrambling to get things “figured out” and I end up feeling stressed out. No matter what, by choice or not, you will always end up in situations that leave you needing to chill out. My focus the last few weeks has been to learn what helps to make me feel relaxed. Some days it is easier than others, sometimes I do 5 things in an effort that at least 1 will help me feel better.

Some of my favorite ways to “chill out”:

  • Workout (nothing like a good run to lower your stress and sweat those feelings out)
  • Drink tea (since we have come back from Greece I have been loving black tea all day but always love a green tea)
  • Play with Emma (really her face alone makes me feel better)
  • Bubble baths (my new favorite nighttime ritual because it also helps sore muscles feel better)
  • Listen to music (my “Chill Out” playlist is where it is at)

Chill Out Playlist

My favorite thing to do when I am stressed out – listen to music. I live for music. In fact I was very upset when I got to my 5K last weekend only to realize I forgot headphones! I had a very hard time running without some tunes because my life is filled with music from work to working out to driving. My ears are always filled with it either making playlists or using it to feel better in a stressful situation. Over the past few weeks, I made and have continued to add to a “Chill Out” playlist that I go to when I am feeling a time crunch at work or needing to take a break from the fast paced workout songs I listen to. It is a mix of soft tunes from multiple genres and artists.


Tell me: What is your favorite thing to do when you are stressed out and need to relax?

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