Friday Favorites #30 – Blog Roll

No matter how stressful or busy my days get, I always find time to read my favorite blog posts. Whether it’s taking a lunch break to read posts or catching up at the end of the day before I sleep, I have been reading most of the same blogs for almost 4 years. (Side note: after writing this I realized how I have seen a large amount of bloggers go from married to having kids and they all have super cute children!) I have been meaning to write a ‘blog roll’ for months now so today in the usual Friday fashion, for Friday Favorites, I will be sharing my favorite blogs. Of course on the blog roll is one of favorites Heather, who is also host of Friday Favorites. Please comment below with your favorite blogs as I would love to add more to my reading list.

Friday Favorites


  • A Lady Goes West – I love Ashley’s blog because it is a great mix of fitness, everyday life, delicious food and of course pictures of her adorable dog Rudy! I have always loved her blog as a fellow fitness instructor and most recently as she switched to the ‘corporate’ world, I have been loving her new perspective of working and working out.
  • Carrots ‘N’ CakeTina reeled me into her blog with her running updates and pug pics but has kept me reading with her recipes, insight on various workouts and family updates.
  • Fitness Fatale – Nicole first of all is an absolute inspiration! She really inspires with her motivation and dedication to fitness. And her killer abs (and even after her super cute baby) always push me to work just a little harder in the gym.
  • Hungry Runner GirlJanae is someone I would love to meet in person. Her blog has always made me want to be friends with her and helped me get through a very rough breakup just by her personality, pictures of her adorable daughter and her happy ending she deserved! She is an amazing runner and shares helpful tips for running on her blog.
  • Life in Leggings – I have always loved reading Heather’s blog from her previous blog and her moves around the US. I did not think it was possible to love her blog anymore than she moved to New York (one of my favorite cities) and become a studio manager of Orangetheory so I have continued to be excited to read her posts everyday!
  • Run, Eat, Repeat – Monica writes by far the funniest blog I have ever read! I am constantly laughing out loud at her posts and feeling just a little better each time I read. She is a dedicated and realistic runner that always reminds me that running isn’t always perfect and yes, running and eating go hand in hand.
  • Running 4 Cupcakes – A Body Pump coach, nurse and Mom (with a second on the way), Katie is always a blog I enjoy reading. One of my favorite posts is when she writes sayings her 4 year old does – too cute!
  • Runs For CookiesKatie’s blog is just truly indescribable. Years ago when I first discovered her blog, I was lost for hours just reading article after article. She has lost 120+ pounds and a real example of dedication and motivation. Further to that, she is very real and true to the struggles of her life, losing weight and dealing with depression. I have always appreciated her honesty in her blog posts and why years later still one of my favorite reads.
  • Peanut Butter Fingers – Julie’s blog was one of the first I came across over 4 years ago. Although it is under the fitness category, her blog has continued to evolve to include content I always appreciate. Delicious recipes, killer workouts and pictures of her son and dog Sadie started a love of the blog that still goes strong today!
  • Peanut Butter Runner – Talk about yoga inspiration. Jen is a yoga goddess, fellow dog mom, fitness instructor and of course runner. I just love her yoga challenges and workouts that make me want to push myself just a bit further.
  • SoCal Runner Girl – The next time I am in San Diego, I truly hope to run into Kate. Her blog posts have always made me want to be her friend. Her running = just pure amazing. She posts the most gorgeous pictures and is constant reminder that if you want it, go for it!
  • The Fitnessista – Her name says it all, the queen of fitness. Her workouts are killer. She offers very inclusive summer and winter shape -ups. This is the page to search through when you are at the gym and do not know what to workout. And don’t forget to look through her yummy food pics while you are there.


  • Pictures & Plane Tickets – Be prepared for major trip envy! Krystle has been to amazing places around the world, always offers a great insight for trips and takes beautiful pictures. Fellow lovers of travel, this is a definite add you want to make to your reading!
  • TravelettesThis blog post is exciting because it has multiple contributors – a group of female travelers, writers and photographers who share travel experiences from around the world. A unique insight from travelers originated from different countries really shows a different side to traveling that will benefit any traveler.
  • The Blonde Abroad – TBA has some of the best trip recaps I have seen. She offers so much trip information, I have looked at a dozen before to narrow down the best time to visit a spot and what I must see. If you are planning a trip, make sure to check out her recaps to help plan your trip.
  • The Tourist of Life – This is another blog that offers perfect destination recaps. I constantly am reading posts from “The Tourist of Life” and experiencing strong wanderlust after seeing pictures from around the world!
  • World of WanderlustWhen it comes to travel blogs, Brooke’s offers unique perspectives of destinations across the world. She also offers a travel book club which is a must join for fellow readers, travelers or lovers of both.


  • A Spoonful of Style Jade has amazing style. End of story. Her pictures always make my want to put more effort into my outfits! Definite closet envy!  
  • Erin’s Inside Job – Erin’s blog of a breath of fresh air. She is truly an encouragement in life. Her story is so motivational and her blog posts really show what she has learned in life. She offers very thought provoking and encouraging posts that touch on a variety of topics.
  • STUFT Mama – The mama herself, Kristin is the definitive of determined! She has pushed through injuries in running, has twin boys, teaches and still has time to be get her workouts in! I look forward to her always heartfelt and encouraging words.
  • Sweet Tooth, Sweet LifeCourtney not only has two adorable sons but offers a glimpse into the working mom lifestyle. She offers delicious recipes, Stitch Fix reviews and relatable posts.
  • The Skinny Confidential – I have only mentioned TSC like a million times before because it is not only one of my favorite blogs but also hosts my favorite podcast. Creator Lauryn offers all types of posts including fashion, fitness (including her body bombshell) and lifestyle posts! Make sure to check out #askhimandher podcast on iTunes, you won’t regret it!

Please share with me your favorite blogs in the comments. I would love to add more to my blog roll! 

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