Podcasts I’ve Have Been Loving Lately..

When I started my previous office job, I went through a phase where I got sick of music. I would listen to the same songs over and over. I ended up coming across some of  my favorite podcasts during that time and have been hooked ever since. I have listened to many podcasts, usually giving a podcast at least a couple of episodes before deciding if I would continue with it. There have been some podcasts I have listened to since the beginning of their start, others stumbled across and become obsessed. All of my current favorite podcasts can be found on Itunes!

1) The Skinny Confidential : Ask Him & Her 

I have mentioned this podcast multiple times on the podcast and social media. Lauren and Michael are HI – LARIOUS! Every one of their podcasts makes me laugh but also leaves me with smart business advice. They offer business advice, perspectives on real life situations, travel planning and amazing guests.

Favorite episode: Episode 12 “Live from Florence, Italy” 

2) Zero to Travel 

Jason hosts an amazing travel podcast that combines two of my favorites together (see below). I love that his travels include less of the tourist destinations as well as relatable content such as how to find travel deals, cycling around the world and how to quit your job and travel (oh how I wish I could).

Favorite episode: “How to Quit Your Job and Travel The World: Zero to Travel” 

3) Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel

This podcast is the best podcast for wanderlusters! It is so hard to say my favorite episode because every single one is educational, insightful and interesting. Travis, along with his wife and fellow podcaster Jason  from Zero to Travel discuss their current travels, top lists and travel tips. For any upcoming trip, this is the podcast to listen to!

Favorite episode: Either “Top 32 Cities in the US” or “Top 10 Travel Wishlist” 

4) Blissful Bites

Nicole’s podcast is a must listen for any blogger or entrepreneur! There are inspiring and successful business people who share amazing insight to the business world. Every time I listen to her podcasts, I feel ready to tackle the world!

Favorite episode: Episode 120 “FF You NEED to stop doing this!” 

5) The Lively Show 

Jess offers such an uplifting podcast that I binged listened to once I heard my first episode. What I love most about her podcast is that I feel like I am just listening to a friend chat about life, relationships and work life.

Favorite episode: TLS #149 “Your Questions Answered – Travel Tips, Highs & Lows”


Tell me: What is your favorite podcasts?


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