Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Celebrating Changes

Since we have gotten back from Spain (one day I will actually recap that amazing trip) I have been focused when it comes to my workouts. I have been not only been working out at least 5x a week, I include one day of double workouts and have been working on strength training! As I’ve been cleaning up my eating significantly as well by cutting back on desserts, giving up diet soda and reducing snacking, my weight has only gone down by 6 lbs. That 6 lbs. came off in the first 3 weeks while I’ve stayed the same weight for quite some time now. In the past, I usually fall off the wagon and give up a few weeks into a new routine, especially when I was not seeing changes on the scale. This time around though I’ve noticed a huge difference in myself in how I’m viewing these changes.

Celebrating Changes Besides the Scale


Celebrating The Changes Besides The Scale

Working out and eating healthy is not just about the number on the scale. It is more about creating a lifestyle that is healthy, realistic and enjoyable. The scale is just one indicator of weight loss. The difference this time around for me is my mindset. The fact that while my weight isn’t dropping that doesn’t mean my body isn’t changing. I’ve started to celebrate other gains in my lifestyle change and it has made all the difference. Some of the changes I have seen beyond the scale:

1) Increased weight during strength training – This past week at Orangetheory, I used 30 lbs. dumbbells! When I started at Orangetheory I was doing 15 lbs. The increase in weight for that one workout alone should have resulted in celebration but it’s not the only gain I’ve seen. As a whole I was averaging 10-12 lbs. when I started Orangetheory but my average is 20-25 lbs. which shows just how strong my body is getting. It makes me excited to see what my body is capable of!

2) Better sleep – This one is huge for me. I have struggled with insomnia for a very long time. Over the past year I have celebrated any night I would get 5 hours of sleep. Since the New Year, I am averaging closer to 7 hours. Not only am I getting the quantity of hours, the quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I fall asleep faster, I stay asleep throughout the night and wake up much easier every morning. The feeling of taking a hot shower after an intense workout and hitting the sheets is the best!

3) Increased energy – Energy goes hand in hand with getting more sleep but also helps to continue productivity throughout the day. I am rarely hitting the afternoon slump and find myself more alert throughout the day. I have even added a double workout day on a regular basis because I have the energy to complete more intense workouts.

4) Increased happiness – Granted not every day is a perfect day but as a whole, I am much happier. I have said it before, I will say it again, Elle Woods had it right. Endorphins really do make you happy! Naturally throughout the day I find myself more patient and happier. Even if I am feeling stressed out, anxious or upset, I work my feelings out instead of resorting to unhealthy ways of coping (i.e. eating junk food). Remember you will never regret a workout.


Tell me: What changes besides pounds lost have you seen from working out? 

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