Reflecting on 2016 after our last trip

I am having major post travel blues. We just returned from 10 days in Spain and it was glorious. As seen on Instagram, we were in both Madrid and Barcelona. I am hoping to get my recaps up as soon as possible before every detail slips my mind but for now I am going to revel in my trip as much as possible. Before the trip I did some major reminiscing of our past trips which made me think a lot about the past year.

Reflecting on 2016

I have to admit, when I re-read my goals for 2016 I laughed out loud. Besides traveling, I did not complete much of what I set out to. However, 2016 most certainly did not turn out as I expected when I made those goals. At the end of the day, that is the best part about life. What has come from the unexpected and unplanned goals was some memorable life moments. Also although we did not get as many trips as last year, we still had an epic honeymoon in New York, Greece and Boston. We also were able to visit Napa Valley in the summer.  Just because I did not succeed in the fitness goals I set for the year, does not mean I did not accomplish anything throughout the year.

  1. Got my dream job in the fitness industry 
  2. Became an Orangetheory coach
  3. Completed 130 burpees for charity 
  4. Finished Hell Week at Orangetheory 
  5. Ran 2 half marathons (OC Half and Run Revel)


So what about 2017? To be honest, I am not sure I want to put goals down on paper and have next year be the same thing. However, having New Year goals is beneficial in trying to get my year to look like how I want. But I want to be open to change in case this year turns out like the last. Obviously I am traveling as we just returned from Spain. This is the first time though we have NO idea where we will head for the rest of the year. I have some fitness goals I know I will accomplish like the OC Half Marathon and continuing to coach. There are some things like another triathlon that has been put on the back burner too long.

Tell me: Did you complete your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions?

2016: The Year of Growth

It only took a week into 2016 to recap. At the rate I have been going, I would call this a success. My “Year of Traveling in Love” led into a year that would be one of my own most challenging. 2016 was in short, a very trying year. I have learned a lot about myself and how much I can handle. I have also learned about what I want in life which inevitably lead to my dream job. My year of many struggles can easily be summed up into –  “The Year of Growth.” Despite some hardships, this year was also filled with many wonderful memories and exciting opportunities.


Highlights of 2016:

Landing my dream job
Becoming an Orangetheory Coach
Wine Tasting in Temecula
Two USC Games
My only brother got married
Purchasing our first home

Two races completed: OC Half and Run Revel


Two vacations taken: Our Honeymoon and Napa Valley

One country visited: Greece

Delos Greece

Three states visited: Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut

Brooklyn New York Botanical Gardens


Three types of group fitness taught: Cycle, Bootcamp and Orangetheory

The worst moment of 2016: Being stuck in a job where I was unhappy 

The best moment of 2016: Our travel themed wedding

Travel Themed Wedding

Here’s to hoping 2017 is another year filled with adventure, travel and growth!