Fitbit Alta Review

For (Dog) Mother’s Day, I got a Fitbit Alta because my Fitbit Charge was getting a little worn down. Although my Charge was still working, I had my eyes on the Alta since it was announced. Especially as my Charge started getting worn down, I started doing more research on the Alta and liked what I saw. The two things that peaked my strong interest in the fitness tracker: the slim design and the reminder to move. Now that I have have had the Alta for over a month using it during a half marathon, a few cycle classes and vacation, I wanted to share my review of the Fitbit Alta.


Let’s get straight to it – I LOVE the Fitbit Alta and would recommend over the Fitbit Charge! While I loved my Charge and had very few complaints about it, all of those complaints were taken care of with the Alta. Here are the things I like better about the Alta over the Charge:

Additional Accessory Bands – One of the first things I noticed when the Alta was announced was the ability to change the bands. However, the difference between the Flex and the Alta is the slimmed down style. My main complaint on the Charge was the thick style made it look like a fitness tracker. The Alta offers a sleek look with the chrome display that makes it look more like a bracelet than a tracker. In addition to the color the band is purchased, you can purchase additional bands that include various colors and material such as leather and metal.

Reminder to Move (every hour) – To be fair, the new hourly step goal is a feature that came with the new updated dashboard for all Fitbits. The reminder however was not on the Charge. The goal is to be active of 250 minimum steps per hour. If you have not reached the goal, within the hour, you will receive a notification on your tracker to get up and move. If you have completed some steps, it will tell you how many

Smart Track – The Alta automatically recognizes and records exercises for you. This allows you to keep track of workouts without having to record them in the app. I love this feature because I would often forget to log workouts in the app. Then I would have to backtrack and remember two weeks of workouts at a time. The smart track automatically registers the workouts I complete including walking which was great when we were traveling.

My main complaint about the Alta? It took me almost 2 weeks to be able to get the clasp together on my own. Otherwise, I would have to make sure that the husband was around to help me put it on.

Overall, the switch to the Fitbit Alta has been an extremely easy one due to the improvements from the Charge. In addition, some of the new updates are also included on the Fitbit updates for other devices!

Race Weekend

Race weekend came and went just like that! We spent Saturday at the expo for the OC Marathon before enjoying the beautiful weather! The packet pickup is so simple for the race that you can get in and get out quick if you wanted. I appreciate a race that is very organized. At the expo I stocked up on more of my favorite headbands – Bic Bands! I’m determines to get one in every glitter color they have.. I might almost be there! We walked around the expo to get Gu and look for tape for my knee. We enjoyed some of the vendors before leaving in the early afternoon.

When we left for the expo, the weather at home was overcast and drizzling but by the time we drove to the beach, it was perfect. A light breeze, blue skies which makes for great race weather. So after the expo, we enjoyed the beautiful weather with a walk along the beach and a delicious lunch at my favorite restaurant in Newport Beach. Crab Cooker, always has been and always be one of the best meals I can have! Fresh fish, coleslaw and potatoes are a pre-race meal I would eat every single time!

Our evening was much more low key as we got ready for the race, setting our stuff out for a 4:30am wake up call. One of the things I was excited to add to my race outfit- my new Fitbit Alta!! I got an early (Dog) Mothers Day present from Emma and the hubby. My Fitbit Charge was getting a little worn and since they released the Alta, I have been lusting over it! Even better I got to see how I liked it through a 2 hour race! Another thing I added to my flat runner was KT tape and I am so glad we did! It really helped support my knee throughout the race!

I will post my full race recap this week & my Fitbit Alta review soon but for now I am going to eat whatever I want, live in compression socks and ice the crap out of my knee. See you tomorrow!

Fitbit Charge Review

As I mentioned yesterday in my random thoughts, I am in love with my Fitbit Charge. If I am being honest, I never really knew if I would jump on the fitness tracker bandwagon. I felt like there were too  many options to choose from. I got lucky because I was able to borrow a friend’s Fitbit for a week while running Ragnar. Within two days of using the Fitbit Charge I knew I had to have my own. After using the Fitbit, I found myself taking the dog for more walks and taking stairs whenever I had the option. I already lead an active lifestyle but the Fitbit has made me move more during my daily routine, especially at work. Working an 8-5 desk job and having back issues is not a good combination but wearing the Fitbit tracker, I find myself getting up more to take breaks, walk to the copier and stand up more often. The simple concept of the Fitbit is that it makes you more aware which in turn helps to increase your movement. Although I love my Fitbit there are a couple of things I  had to look past but the pros by far weigh out the cons.

fitbit review


  1. The simplicity– I am fairly decent at figuring out new technology but the Fitbit was the easiest to start using. I didn’t read the manual until 2 weeks after having my tracker. It is that easy to get set up and ready to use. The same goes for the app- easy to download, sync and start using. No one wants to spend days just trying to figure out how to use a device.
  2. The app– the Fitbit app has become one of my most daily used apps. I love having all the information from my Fitbit at the touch of my IPhone. The app also notifies you when you are getting close to your goal. The notifications I receive help to motivate me to get more steps and stay active. Just ask my husband how many times in the past week we have taken an extra walk with Emma so I can get to my goal. The app also has a breakdown of each category that is tracked. You can see day, week and month comparisons. Overall the app helps to keep all your fitness information in one central location. This in turn helps you to find areas of improvement and recognize your strong points. I also like that the app can also act as a food, water and body weight tracker. You have the ability to add your calorie count, water intake and weight into the app. This allows you to not only track the information but use your fitness information to give you even more stats to work with.                                                fitibit
  3. Weekly stats email–  In addition to the daily you receive on the tracker and app, Every week I get an email from Fitbit with my averages. I love getting the comparison to see what areas I am lacking in as well as which days I am most active. Having this information readily available again helps to make you more accountable and aware. Plus the weekly updates are great motivation and encouragement when you see improvement from week to week or day to day. Fitibit2
  4. The sleep tracker– Beyond the fitness information, the tracker also tracks your sleep pattern each night. While I can’t speak to the accuracy of the sleep tracker, it has definitely opened my eyes to how horribly I sleep each night. While I may be in bed for 6-8 hours, I am not actually sleeping for all of it. The sleep tracker tells you how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you are restless during the night and how long you actually slept. Information like this can be eye-opening to explaining why you are tired all the time and hopefully help to make improvements.
  5. The customization– Every tracker can be set up to your preference. You can choose what categories you would like to be seen on the app. You can choose your own goals you would like to meet. Having the ability to make the dashboard and goals match what you want, is just icing on the cake.
  6. The exercise tracker– When I run I use a Garmin. However, many times I plan to start a run and find my Garmin was not charged. The Fitbit Charge offers an exercise tracker that tracks miles, time, and average pace. To start the timer, all you have to do is hold the button on the tracker down until it vibrates. This has been a great back-up for those days I do not have my Garmin. After you complete exercise it logs all information into your app.


  1. The look of the tracker– This would be my largest issue with wearing the tracker every day. I have no issues wearing the tracker with workout clothes when teaching but definitely find it unappealing with 95% of my work outfits. The black industrial band isn’t a great compliment to the bright, floral dresses you find me in at work. I loved that Tory Burch has created options to put Fitbit trackers in a fashionable piece of jewelry but the options are only available for the Fitbit Flex. I have high hopes that Tory Burch will extend their products to include other Fitbit trackers. You can bet I’ll buy one to make my Charge look just a little more fashionable.
  2. Adding friends on the app– One of the complaints other Fitbit users agree with me on is the difficulty of adding/finding friends on the app. The app allows you to challenge and compete with your friends but the only way to find and add a friend is through their email address. I have many students who wear Fitbit that  I would love to challenge. I don’t know many email addresses and therefore have not been able to add many people. I wish that the Fitbit would have additional options to finding and adding friends.

All in all, I have been extremely happy with my Fitbit Charge. The tracker retails for $129.95 but is well worth it’s cost based on all the features the tracker offers. The charge fits my lifestyle and the information I want to track. However there are other trackers that offer more or less in terms of fitness. If you want to see an extensive list of all Fitbit products, visit

Do you use a fitness tracker? If so, what tracker do you use? Why?

Fitbit 3

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. Happy Cinco de Mayo!! While I would love to be enjoying Taco Tuesday and sipping a margarita tonight, I will be teaching boot camp tonight. I created a workout that will burn the calories of ½ of a margarita and a serving of chips & salsa. Can you believe a margarita is 455 calories on average?!? No thank you. I will definitely be sticking to an ice tea from here on out.

2. The countdown has officially started for our next domestic trip to Miami, Florida! I am so excited to start researching everything we want to do while we are there. We will be traveling in September for 4 days. Besides spending as much time at the beach as possible, I’m really hoping we can visit the Everglades as well. Any tips on visiting Miami?

3. I am in love with my Fitbit Charge. I am planning to write a full review of the Fitbit this week but until then I will keep talking it up. I find myself being much more active particularly at work. Having a desk job and back problems are a bad combo but having the Fitbit on my wrist is a great reminder to get up to take breaks more often.


4. Not like I need any more reasons to visit Chipotle but I will definitely continue to be a fan since they announced they will not cook with genetically modified ingredients anymore. I definitely hope other restaurants follow as I like to know that my food is food, not chemically enhanced or altered. Source: Chipotle

Tell me your random Tuesday thoughts in the comments. Hope you have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!