Friday Favorites #22

Welcome to Friday – the second best day of the week! Sorry Friday, my one true love will always be Saturday. This will be a very jam packed, exciting weekend. Tomorrow morning instead of teaching cycle, I will be getting ready for my bridal shower with 25 of my closest female friends and family. I am looking forward to such a fun event with my favorites! Saturday night will include getting ready for my group fitness audition. Unfortunately, the number of classes I teach has decreased over the past few months because my gym has decreased the number of classes offered. In addition, my availability with their current schedule has limited my classes with my increased work load. Therefore, I thought it was time to start exploring my other options at other gyms. Although I have no idea what to expect, either way it is good exposure and practice. Before the weekend kicks off, I want to share some of my favorite reads from around the internet. Linking with Heather & Katie for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Kelly Ripa’s Workout Story – Huffington Post 

Kelly Ripa inspires me on many levels so I really enjoyed reading her story of how she got started. She is an example of taking the first step. Baby steps add up to large steps! You start small and like Kelly gradually build up. Remember Rome was not built in a day!

28 Most Beautiful Places in Europe – Thrillist 

Like I needed more reasons to travel to Europe but this increases my wanderlust even more. I cannot wait until we visit Greece next year! The pictures make me even more excited.

Running Thoughts During a Half Marathon – Glamour 

Every single time, I think the same thing on mile 13. That last .1 mile is always brutal which changes the second you cross that finish line!

How to Book Cheap Flights – Travelettes   

Great travel tips for booking a flight at the best time for the cheapest rate. I mean no one willingly pays full price for an airplane ticket right?

Visiting Corfu, Greece: Paleokastritsa Beach – We Took the Road Less Traveled

Read above, my excitement for Greece has actually been taking over my excitement for Thailand in less than 3 weeks. I think my husband’s excitement for Thailand has made me more excited for Greece this week so I have been majorly into reading other people’s trip recaps.

Why All Couples Should Travel Together – Blonde Abroad

Traveling creates memories that will last you a lifetime. The trips I have taken with my husband are special moments and experiences that only the two of us will understand. That creates a lasting bond for a lifetime.

Opt Outside With REI – REI

Seriously REI? You are just awesome. I wish I would be here to participate but I will continue to support REI as a company because of their continued encouragement of an active lifestyle.

20 (unspoken) Rules of Indoor Cycling– Rodale Wellness    

This list had some great pointers and tips in a class. As an instructor was #16 because I always tell students, I see when you don’t turn the resistance because your pace never changes. Don’t pretend, it’s your workout so do what you want.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you back on Monday.

Tell me: What were your favorite reads from the interest this week?

Friday Favorites #21

I will gladly take these weeks that fly by. As we approach Halloween weekend it will just take off from here between Thailand, Christmas, New Years and planning a wedding. Yep, between now and February I will be planning my travel themed (of course) wedding. I will share more on the situation and details on Monday. This weekend will include some planning of these details, a little bit of work and lots of relaxing. As of right now, no plans for Halloweeen, just playing it by ear. Personally my goal for the weekend is to read as much as possible and do some scrapbooking of our last 4 trips! Definitely need to get on that since the trips just keep happening. On to some of my favorite things from this week and around the Internet. Linking up with Katie & Heather for Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Running Mistakes I’ve Made (so you don’t have to) – Running in a Skirt

Receiving my next Stitch Fix box made my day as always. It’s like going shopping every few weeks!

FullSizeRender 35

The SkinnyLicious menu from Cheesecake Factory is my favorite from a chain restaurant.  Going to restaurant always adds calories up quickly & usually to almost a day’s worth of calories. The menu offers delicious options including my white chili chicken from this week that was under 590 calories and even alcoholic drinks under 150!

Friday Favorites #21

Air Travel Is About To Get Worse – MSN

Importance of Sleep For Athletes – Huffington Post

The latest emojis make me so happy!! I  was most excited that FINALLY there is an eye roll emoji. I also love the new additions of: champagne, a cookie, a turkey, weight lifter, a bed and flags from around the world!


Tell me: What are your plans for the weekend?


Friday Favorites #20

It seems it was another week where things just didn’t go as planned. Although the blog posts I hoped would get posted didn’t, I worked out 4x in a row and I got to still sleep by my bedtime so it wasn’t a total loss. I have been so excited for this weekend because we are going wine tasting with friends! As a huge lover of white wine / wannabe red wine lover, I have been dying to go wine tasting. The weather will be beautiful and a perfect day following a rough 2 weeks. Let’s get down to it with some of my favorites from the week. Linking up with the wonderful hosts of Friday Favorites- Heather & Katie.

Friday Favorites

  •  Posted this on Instagram because it couldn’t be better.
  • Need I say more?

  • Spotify has been getting me through work, classes and workouts. I have listened to playlists ranging from Disney to Acoustic Covers to Wedding music during the work week. The pre-made workout playlists have been perfect for my own personal workouts this week.
  • Running Mistakes I’ve Made (so you dont have to) – Running in a Skirt
  • California FINALLY getting a bit of a cool down. We were in the high 90’s for weeks. Seeing 80’s and even 70’s is perfection! It has even been cool enough at night for a light jacket and night running! Capture
  • Speaking of night running, the husband and I went on a 5K run late at night and the weather was just pure perfection. All I needed was shorts, tshirt and good company. I love running and am excited to be getting back into it as we get into fall. Plus I have high hopes to enjoy a nice beach run in Thailand if time permits.

Tell me: What are your favorites from this week? How do you usually listen to music for your workouts?

Friday Favorites: Pumpkin Recipes

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love pumpkin! I love the fall season when pumpkin pops up everywhere. Although pumpkin is something I try to eat year round, it is easiest to find things during the season with pumpkin. Pumpkin is good for your skin, aids weight loss and boosts your immune system. Today, for Friday Favorites I am sharing some of my favorite pumpkin recipes. Most of the  best recipes come from Pinterest. I have found some easy and delicious recipes. Even better is when you find a pumpkin recipe that is healthy as well.

Friday Favorites

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oatmeal – Kim’s Cravings

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.34.07 PM

Pumpkin Pie Crescents – Spend With Pennies

Skinny Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – Amy’s Healthy Baking

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.37.21 PM

Easy Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream – Color Me Meg

Pumpkin Delight – Lil Luna

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.44.00 PM
Skinny Pumpkin Pie Dip – Averie Cooks
Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter – The Kitchen McCabe

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.48.07 PM



Linking up with Katie & Heather for Friday Favorites. If you missed any of the past FF posts, check them out.

Tell me: Do you like pumpkin? What are you favorite desserts? What are your favorites from the week?

Friday Favorites: Workout Clothes

Happy Friday! It has been a few days since I have checked in. It has just been one of those weeks where each day just flew by and before I knew it we were at Friday. A highlight of my week was receiving a package from Fabletics with some new workout clothes! My workout closet has become equally as important as my regular closet. In fact, I wear workout clothes more than I wear regular clothes. Luckily, there has been an increase in companies that offer adorable, affordable workout clothes. For today’s Friday Favorites, I am sharing where a huge portion of my paycheck goes, also known as, my favorite workout clothes.

Friday Favorites

Fabletics: I adore Fabletics. Their pricing is competitive if you are VIP member. You have 5 days to opt out for the month but every month you receive personal picks from $49-69. Your first outfit when you sign up is $25. Even the full cost outfits are worth it for a sports bra, pants and top. My most recent favorite Fabletics purchase is the Vienna outfit! The lace detail on the capris has given me compliments each and every time I wear them. They have even added a line for men.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.39.55 PM

Old Navy: Old Navy’s active collection has gotten better with each season. They have some of my absolute favorite tank tops and my favorite pair of capris as well.  Most of their tank tops fit long torsos and their sizing options are better than most companies. In addition, they constantly offer sales and coupon codes making them one of the most cost effective options for workout clothes.

Target: Of course Target is on the list, they sell everything! Their active line C9 by Champion is my favorite line. I have so many items from their collection, some dating back a few years. The cost makes them very attractive, especially with some killer sales they offer through the year (i.e. buy one get one 50%). The quality is amazing and sturdy, especially for the price. The line keeps up with workout trends and colors which makes my recent love of patterns easier to find. I am lusting after these yoga pants that might just fall into my cart this weekend during grocery shopping!

Lululemon: While Lululemon is definitely not the most cost effective, they offer trendy and long lasting products. I have shared my Lululemon love before on the blog but their site is one I window shop on a weekly basis. They sell more unique items when it comes to design and patterns that they are the perfect complement to my workout wardrobe.

Lululemon Friday Favorites #15

A few other brands I have in my closet include:

Lorna Jane– I love their workout slogan tanks and their women empowerment philosophy
Forever 21– Although the quality is not always the best, they do have very a fashionable and growing active line
Athleta– They also offer high quality workout clothes and very frequent sales

Tell me: What is your favorite workout clothing brand? Do you have more workout clothes or street clothes in your closet?

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Friday Favorites #17

I survived my first full work week in almost two months but I am ready for the weekend. It was nice to get back to a routine which made the week pass by pretty quickly. This weekend will be filled with birthday celebrations as we have one tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night. Lots of yummy food and cake will be had this weekend. Let’s get to our usual Friday post with Friday Favorites. Linking up with Katie & Heather.

Friday Favorites

  • Fall TV Shows– This week was the start of some of my new favorite shows : Modern Family, Mindy Project and Fresh Off The Boat. I am looking forward to a few more of my shows starting include The Affair, The Leftovers and Last Man on Earth
  • Greece Travel Tips” – Nomadic Matt (this is getting me really excited for our Greece trip next spring!)
  • Pumpkin everything– Yogurtland had their first week of pumpkin pie yogurt which got me very excited for fall. I love pumpkin everything and the first of the season got me in the mood for cooler weather, harvest and fall traditions
    FullSizeRender 26
  • Starbucks fall cups are just adorable. Another reason I started to feel in the fall season. Plus Starbucks announced their new Toasted Graham Latte which I am excited to try this weekend
    Friday Favorites #17
  • The Best Workout Tights” – The Fitnessista

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, catch up on Monday!

Tell me: What your are your favorites from this week? What are you favorite fall TV shows?

Friday Favorites #16

I am in for a rude awakening next week when I get back to 5 day work weeks. I haven’t worked a full work week in a very long. Between starting the new job, vacations and holidays, it is definitely going to be rough. Time to start a countdown to Thailand in November. Per the usual, let’s get right to it with Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

  • This shirt would be perfect for the husband

FullSizeRender 24

  • The Husband’s Secret – OMG I could not put it down. One of the best books I have read in a long time.
  • Getting my hair done since it has been over 6 months since I touched this mop on my head. A new ‘do will always put an extra pep in my step.


  • Paddleboarding was one of the absolute highlights of my trip. It was so incredibly tough with the rough waves and choppy waters but I still had a blast. I love being in the water which makes paddle boarding one of my favorite activities
  • How To Pick The Best Travel Bag For Your Next Trip” on Blonde Abroad
  • Absolutely.

Linking up with Katie at Running 4 Cupcakes and Heather at Life in Leggings

Tell me: What were your favorites from the week?

Friday Favorites #15

Who would like to sign my petition to have 4 day work weeks every week? Seriously though, this week just flew by. With Miami on the brain, I was glad to have the week come and go. We leave for Miami on Saturday which means that next week will be only 3 days of work. I missed out on Friday Favorites last week so I have plenty to share this week. Linking up with Katie & Heather for my favorites of the week.

Friday Favorites

-I mentioned on Monday that I celebrated my birthday with my family. I got some amazing presents a few of which I already used this week:

  • This shirt of course made it to a cycle class this week.


  • These luggage tags which you can bet I will be using on Saturday.


-I ate my way through my mom’s chicken pot pie this week. I had it for dinner, 4 nights in a row. It is my favorite meal that I ask for every birthday. This year my mom sent me home with a full pie. Yum!


-I am pretty bummed that summer is ending. However, this Labor Day had exactly what I think it should- water, sun, magazines, music and relaxing.


-I finally narrowed down my Lululemon list & purchased some items. I am in love with this tank!

FullSizeRender 23

At the gym this past week, I searched on Pinterest for a workout and came across this amazing cardio & abs workout from Peanut Butter Fingers.

10 Things To Buy At Target” – well besides everything I convince myself I need when shopping there every week.

A Quick Guide To Phuket” – perfect read for our trip in November.

Tell me: What are your favorites from this week? Any big plans for the weekend?

If you missed any, check out my past Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites #14

This week was a mix of terribly slow and where did the time go? Coming back from a trip made Monday rough, however having an infection in my foot made Tuesday fly by. Wednesday was another very busy work day while today was just dragging. I am looking to an extremely low key weekend. My plan is to read, catch up on laundry and relax as much as possible. Of course the weekend will include the usual cycle classes as well. End of the week means the usual Friday Favorites. Linking up with Heather at Life in Leggings and Katie at Running4Cupcakes.

I was so thrilled to get an email this week being accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador through FitApproach. Being part of a like minded community is exactly what I have been looking for! I am excited to be a part of the #sweatpink team.

One of the places we visited in Portland was Departure Restaurant. Located at the top of a hotel, I loved the decor of maps on the walls with a travel theme. The husband and I both felt like it was a modern take on an airport feel.

The Panera app was the best thing added to my phone this week. It makes a lunch break so much easier when picking up food which definitely means I’ll be visiting even more. Like I needed a reason to go more than I already do?

10 Inspiring Travel Coffee Table Books” from World of Wanderlust

My baby girl has been so sweet since we came home. Sometimes I wonder if Emma thinks when we leave her that she is in trouble because she is on her best behavior when we come back. Although she loves spending time with her aunt, I appreciate her being loving  when we return. It’s a huge jump from the times she used to be pissed at me for coming back home.

Since Portland, my obsession with waterfalls is off the charts which is why I instantly forwarded this article to the husband this week: “Waterfalls in all 50 States.

Tell me: What are your favorites from the week? What are your plans for the weekend? 

Check out past Friday Favorites if you missed them.

Friday Favorites From My 26th Year

Whoooo hoooo my favorite day is here- Friday!!! It is a special Friday too in that today is the last day of being 26. It has been quite a year that I have mixed feelings about turning 27. So today I want to share my favorites from my past year as I say goodbye to 26 and hello to 27. As always, linking up with Heather and Katie for Friday Favorites.

  • I started my 26th year in London and ended my first day in Paris. Both were dreams come true. The trip finished in Rome and I left wanting more. That trip was one of the best moments of my life.  
  • I ran my first half marathon and then another and another and one more for good measure. Needless to say this was the year for the half marathon. I really grew to love the half marathon.  
  • We went on a bit of a vacation spree after Europe. The hubby and I visited Pismo Beach, Las Vegas and Mammoth. In between I went on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana with my best friends. 
  • Then we went one of the most important trips of my life – New York City! We enjoyed our layover in Seattle before heading to the Big Apple. Another dream of mine was met & I loved every moment of our trip.  
  • I started a new teaching at an all women’s gym which reminded me how much I love teaching group exercise.
  • I started this blog which has gone beyond my highest expectations (thanks to you my reader). Here’s my first post.
  • I ran my first Ragnar. Words cannot describe the experience but it was extremely memorable.  
  • I moved into with the hubby. It has been so nice to build our first home together (and Emma loves having her dad in the same place now).
  • We celebrated our dating anniversary and a ton of delicious food in Palm Springs.
  • I took a trip to Pismo Beach with my sister and her family. Pismo Beach has become one of my favorite spots.
  • Emma has continued to be the light in my life.

26 was filled with lots of travel, food, love and fitness! Of course, it was not all fun and good times. There were some really tough and trying times but I appreciate the bad because it makes me appreciate the good and what I have in my life. A special thank you to my wonderful partner in life, Emma, my best friends (yes Kevin you are included in this even if you don’t read my blog), my family and my supportive readers! Thanks for making 26 the best yet! Here’s to another eventful year.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am counting the hours until we land in Portland tonight. See you back Monday for a recap.

Tell me: What are your favorites from the week?