2015: The Year of Traveling in Love

If I had to title my 2015 it would be “The Year of Traveling in Love.” 2014 was titled “The Year of Change.” 2015 definitely brought plenty of changes but the overwhelming trend was traveling around the world with the love of my life. Next year will still include traveling but I don’t know if, and or when we will be able to travel as much as we did this year. I am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life in 2016 with my other half. With our wedding in February and a honeymoon to follow, celebrating the love we have been so lucky to find will be a major theme throughout the year. Here is a synopsis of my extremely memorable 2015:


Highlights of 2015:

Four races completed: Surf City Half Marathon, OC Half Marathon, Ragnar Relay and Color Run

Half Marathon

Six vacations taken: New York & Seattle, Pismo Beach, Palm Springs, Portland, Miami, Bangkok & Phuket

Four states visited: Florida, Oregon, New York and Washington


One country visited: Thailand

One concert attended: Lady Antebellum

Three things I crossed off my travel & fitness life list: Get certified in additional group fitness classes (body works), visited another continent (Asia) and feed a monkey a banana in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Two hundred and eight (at least) fitness classes taught: Cycle & Bootcamp

The worst moment of 2015: Emma getting (and staying) sick

The best moment of 2015: Eloping with the love of my life


All in all, I have no complaints about this year. As always, the bad was outweighed by the good in this year. I feel so grateful to have done life changing things, met amazing people, visited historic spots and been completely surrounded by love from my family and friends. Happy New Year!

2015 Recap

Tell me: What was your best moment of 2015?

Happy (Maybe Post) Thanksgiving

Happy (possibly day after) Thanksgiving! We just landed in Beijing will be flying over the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, traveling across the world means you lose time so we will be arriving right before Saturday at midnight. Therefore, I will have a pre-written blog post for Friday Favorites tomorrow. But first, with today being the holiday to remind us what we are thankful for, it is only to fitting to share what I am thankful for.

Each year during Thanksgiving, my family goes around the table and each person shares what they are thankful for. Since I will be gone from the table, thought I should check in and share:

  1. My husband – my #1 travel buddy, my confidante, my heart.
  2. My friends– I have friends who I can no longer count as their own and go into the next category…
  3. My family – I have definitely appreciated family over the years and mine continues to expand, particularly with the newest addition of my nephew. And of course, my daughter Emma!
  4. My job – my job in both accounting and fitness are so rewarding that I am lucky to enjoy what I do. Especially when they both help me to travel.
  5. My health – this has become increasingly important over the years and something I will work to keep.
  6. Travel – not only the ability to be able to with time and money but the fact that are free to travel around the world.

I hope you enjoy the holiday with loved ones & eat lots of turkey! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck Black Friday shopping.

Tell me: What is your favorite dish from thanksgiving dinner? What are you thankful for this year?